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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
hey peeps.. i've been trying to make a space in my life to blog but i dun have time.. actually i do hav but i spend it doin sumtin else.. as usual.. i tried blogging on my iphone (ya2!! i noe.. i wen back on my words AGAIN!!) but i couldnt start blogging i dunnoe y.. so here i am sittin in my room blogging, updatin my dear readers, i dunoe hu?.. about my life...

just came back from watching movie wif love.. really enjoyed resident evil.. u wanna noe wat, a LOT has happen, SERIOUSLY!!! A LOT!!! at times i wish this keyboard can just type wat i say.. but nevermin.. just to sum it all up, both sides of parents has meet... yes, its my first time introducin my parents to my bf's parents... and then the qns come popping out.... bila nak tunang?? (wen r u getting engaged??).. woooowww!!!! scary bila org tanya gitu... the only thing that i can answer is, with god's will.. everytin is up to him no matter how we plan it.. rite??... of coz im rite! hahaxx.. :)

tmr gonna be a snappy day, picture taking day coz it will be the last time i'll be riding on my love RXZ 4500K.. The first time i ride it was 6 months ago.. yup2!! MARCH!! wooowww... thats long.. it was during the singtel days... it was the day wen me n luv wanted to buy food for our colleagues but we couldnt find the shop.. hehehessss... n yes, i wen down to bukit gombak to meet him at 7am.. guess wat time i woke up??.. hahaxx!! but, during that time, we were just frenz maybe more than that but we knew our boundaries... come to think of it, its funny how we came together... so much drama coz there's some MAMA blood in the picture, oppsss... sorry, i dun mean to offend anyone.. there's still drama but its up to me to make it a HAPPY or SAD drama... point to note: he loves me as much as i love him.. he miss me as much as i miss him... i should be happy wen im wif him and not to bother about wats goin on behind e pic... i wanna b involve but i noe i shldnt... even couples have their privacy, we may not see it but we noe its there.... a line... a hidden line...

so, i guess i shall stop.. all this snooping arnd.. its not called snooping, just checking... :) i shall not even touch the phone... i will banned myself frm doing tat... yes, i trust him.. i really do... he has knock some senses out of me tat dae, i was scared of how it wld end tat dae.. really scared... i promise tat e dae wont happpen again... its an obstacle i hav to face n wif his love, im sure i can.. tats all for nw.. gtg.. toodlessss!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
12:39:00 AM

Thursday, August 5, 2010
yeay!!! its officially open to the public again... let me juz sum up wat has happen while i was gone.... everything is SETTLED!!!!!, im HAPPYYY and IM IN LOVE WIF MUHAMMAD SYAFIQ.... heeheessss.... celebrated my 3 months anni wif him on 02/08/10... wanna noe wat??!!! he bought me a ring.... i didnt expect it was for me.. hahahaxxx.... i bought him sumtin he always wanted.. hope you like the gifts gorgeous.... I LOVE YOU VUVU!!! I REALLY DO!!! here's the pics of the ring.. :) TODDLESSS!!!!


--Merci tout le monde--
12:01:00 AM

Friday, July 2, 2010
HAPPY 2ND MONTHSARY BABY!!!! you and i both noe its been tough but... we pulled thru the obstacles together... I LOVE YOUU!!! ;-****

--Merci tout le monde--
2:31:00 AM

my contract has ended wif SingTel
Thursday, June 10, 2010
hello hello babies!!! hehehe... so today, its official... my last day of work at singtel after 3 months... didnt think that 3 mnths will just come by and go just like that... i will definitely miss the memories, the laughter and jokes... will miss my dear colleagues who have taught me the do'sss and dont'ssss of working and how i shld handle situation at work... thank you for all the advices that you've told me.. i really appreciate it...

for my special someone, i will definitely miss our days of going to work and going home together... lepak-ing at east coast, kallang and lots of other places after work.. no doubt its gonna b different coz i wont be seeing you at work now.. :( however, one thing i noe will nvr change is our love for each other... it grows stronger everyday eventhou we had to go thru difficult obstacles but i noe we can overcome anything wen we r together.. as u say baby, nobody can stop us, NOBODY!!!

to the irritating B*, pls scram away.... u're like an irritating mosquito who wont go away and keep biting others till you die... so let me just say this, you will die sooner or later, y not you just die now?! just go away.... period!!! wats so diff??!! i guess i need to giv you a smack thn you'll die instantly... i will definitely do that wen the time is right, soooo...... get ready alrite you stupid mosquito...


PS: its funny at times wen you think the msg its for you but its meant for me... its like, so paisey right??!!! you are sooo CLAPPING ALONE!!!! *translate

btw, on monday, im starting my new job at citibank tampines central.. hehehe... goodbye singtel, helllooooo CITIBANK!!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
11:46:00 PM

hello my lovely frenz...
Saturday, June 5, 2010
this post is dedicated to my lovely frenz.... hello frenz... you must have receive an invitation frm me to read my blog rite??.. hehehe... you shld noe that usually my blog is open BUT currently i have someone outside who is reading my blog and i JUST DONT LIKE IT!!! so irritating rite these people.... so busybody.... hehehe.... anyway, i dunno how the invitation process goes abt but thanks for stopping by my blog to read abt my updates in life... hehehe...

some of you may noe that im NO LONGER single.. hehehe.. :) im attached now and you guys are the first one to see my pics wif him... he's a very understanding person and i just love to be arnd him... i noe, i noe... talk less, its time for pics rite??... hehehe.... if u are wondering wat is his name, i'll just give you a hint, its starts wif a S, ends wif a Q.. :) figure out urself.. :)

thats him, and masya sufia.. :)
at kakak house..
at Mc Donalds, Boat Quay
at the steps..
i love you b.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
11:17:00 AM

happy first monthsary baby... :)
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
hello peeps.... so today is my one month anniversary wif my dear lover... hehehe.... its quite fast actually... i feel like i've known him for 15 years eventhou we only knew each other for 3 mnths now... everything was going smoothly for us until the person in his past came back and came searching for him.... let me tell you this.... when you know the guy doesnt love you anymore, do you still try??? if u know ur guy is wif someone else, would you let him and her be happy or you wreck the relationship???? i just dont know anymore.... how i wish this would all go away but i noe that everything happen for a reason.. it lets us see how the individual handle the situation and make the relationship even stronger.... just to inform you my love, i will love you NO MATTER WHAT... and this is my promise to you and i noe you promise me too.... we just have to let time decide out fate right??... all we can do know is pray that everything will disappear and be over....

i love the way you hold and kiss my hand, i love the way you hug me and i can feel your heart beat beating so fast, i love it when you kiss my forehead, i love the way you carry me when i ask you NOT to, hehehe and most of all i love you for everything that you are, being it good or bad coz i know that there's no such person who is perfect in this world... its the flaws that makes you perfect my love... so i shall end here and to whom ever reading this post, i hope you can feel the way that i do now coz its purely love.... I LOVE YOU BABY!!! MUACKKZZZ!!!

P/S: pls just stop texting me... i know you can think and fill in the blanks... i hope you can just leave us alone and MOVE ON WIF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
7:25:00 PM

Saturday, May 29, 2010
hello hello baby!!! hehehe... u wan an update of my life???... ok, here it goes... yesterday family day at changi beach was super duper fun..... and i think me n my elder siz is addicted to the new game taught by my one and only lover.. hehehe.. monopoly deal.. so, i was happy to see everyone happy especially him.... glad to know that everyone was ok wif him.. hehe.. i was kind of nervous at first but i just overcame it by smiling and talking... after chilling at changi beach, we headed down to kakak's house and continue eating and playing the game... hehehe... YES!!! FINALLY i WON!!! just once though but stilll... hehehe... thank you teacher... je t'aime..

so, today was quite a rocky day... actually it started out fine but as the time goes by, it rattled and rattled... hmmm... how come it sounds like a snake??.. hehehe... i just wanna think positive here, i noe u wanna help ur fren and im happy that u r helpful but wen it comes to situation like this i just feel that u are drifting away, criously... how can i not think about the negative things??? if u r in my position, u will definitely think the same way however you know i trust you and that is wat keeping me calm and helping me positively... now, what i can do is just pray for ur safety and wait for ur fon call... like i said, wen things are going so smoothly for us, things will always crop up and it will involve u noe i noe hu... i just hope i will feel better tonight wen u're here...

**just a gentle reminder to all girls out there, plzzzzzzz choose ur frenz wisely... if u noe they cannot be trusted, just IGNORE THEM!!!! PERIOD!!!! dun bother to even talk to them... in the end, u're the one who will face the consequences... plzzzzzz LEARN from this.... it will help you.... criously!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
8:16:00 PM


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