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Useless people
Thursday, January 31, 2008
OMG!!! wat is happening to the ppl in tiz world actuallie its juz the ppl in my class.. DAMN IT MAN!!! STUPID!! try to think.. i called, msg and even talk face to face to these ppl and still they haven finish doin wat they are suppose to do... wat the hell?!!! im actuallie suppose to post this laz wed but i juz had to much werk to do and thiz was bcoz of my irresponsible frenz..

they even had the cheek to ask me to faster hand up wen i was bz printing out almost 200 pages of our group project n there they was sitting, chatting and relaxing while me n my galfren had to do all the werk. plz remind me NOT to take them as my grp member AGAIN!!! i had enough of this stupidity.. at least all u can do is ask whether u can help rite?? they bz chatting away n my god my LEADER is USELESS!!!!!

wats the point of being a leader wen all u got to do is ask me (a team member) wat to do.. its so obvious tat u dunno wat u're doin rite?!!! aniwae, me n my galfren had to run from the biz blk to the it skul and go up the 6 level and wen i reach there my galfren was like havin anemia ( no oxygen to breath).. she ran damn fast and i was scared that she would black out and juz faint in front of me.. at tat moment in time i was juz feeling so giddy and all i see is the ppl spinning in my head.. i didnt had a good sleep.. if u wanna noe i only sleep 10 hrs for 4 days.. juz imagine how much sleep i got and how much sleep all my members got..

they bz doin other project and leave thiz project to me and my galfen.. wat to say, we are so RESPONSIBLE!!!! i juz hate them coz they took advantage of us and im goin to write an email to my teacher and tell him all the things that my grp member had done.. i dun care if u fail tiz exam coz u really deserve it man.. too bad im not the quiet type coz im gonna tell everthing to my tutor.. to YOU, dun think im not gonna say anything coz u're my gd friend, i have to be fair and talk about you too.. SO LONG SUCKERS!!!!


--Merci tout le monde--
6:44:00 PM

mind your own biz (MYOB)!!!!
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
wat the hell is wrong wif ppl??? cant they juz mind their own biz.. plz... i dont need ur comment and I DONT CARE!!! however sum of my frenz do.. ppl do like to compare and this is happenin to me.. y cant the world be peaceful and pls stop comparing our work wif urs.. we are DIFFERENT!!! of coz we work differently rite???!!! even twins have their own way of doing things.. juz becoz im slower than u, muz u act as if u're on top of the world??!!

watever it is.. this is the only way i do to destress myself frm these kind of childish problems.. aniwae, sum of my team mates are not cooperating and how i wish everyone will think positive and not care of the bad outcome. mayb there is juz sadness they see wen doing thiz project..

plzz.......... be happy everione and stay happy.. the more happy u are the more happy i am.. im not used to ppl caring abt wat other ppl say coz i nvr regret wat i do and i've given my best.. its up to u to judge me coz i really DONT CARE!! to my galfrens, we did our best ok, there's no need for you to think so much of the outcome of the projects..

aniwae, im kinda stress rite now coz the deadline is so damn near.. wish me all the best ok.. THX!!

--Merci tout le monde--
10:23:00 PM

POM done, lots more to go..
Monday, January 28, 2008
ello ello...
im down in money man.. wanna werk but have to finish all my exams first.. btw, i juz ended my POM project which was so damn fun.. i really had a great tyme guys..

all the other grp did a very good job except for one grp which kept talkin while i was presentating.. NO MANNERS!!! so me n my frenz decided tat we shall not laugh and listen to their presentation.. aiyoh... i dunno y ppl muz over dressed????!!! if u wanna wear formal thn juz wear formal lah no need to wear short pants tat make u look like a ****.. u noe wat i mean..

i juz dun get it.. aniwae, good job to all my team mates.. my POM teacher commented abt our grp saying tat we were well prepared and our skit was quite funny.. my dear fren was so damn unlucky coz she was bullied by me and my galfren.. but at the end of it, we all had a good laugh..

everyone did their best and the most funniest grp was weidi's grp.. the kinda actuallie carried matt as he act as a live smoked fish.. it was so damn funny, even the teacher cant stop laughing.. they took a video of it and i try to get it frm thm and show it to u ok..

alrite thn.. i gtg now.. wanna go and eat dinner.. food seems so delicious todae.. Sayonara everione!!

--Merci tout le monde--
7:07:00 PM

less stress..
Sunday, January 27, 2008
here's the recap for wat i did todae..

woke up at 11.55 am and had my breakfast which was kacang pool. the kacang pool was delicious... YUMMY!! MUMMY!!! meet up with eva to do psycho project at 2pm. its been a lot of meetings for the psycho project and the presentation is tiz thursdae... ARGH!!!!

aniwae, it ended fast therefore went to bedok and meet up wif my classmates to do POM project.. hai.... project, project and lots of project.. i was supposed to meet my fren at 4.30pm but i reach there at 3.30pm meanin tat i got like about an hour to go and do a tour around bedok interchange.

was kinda hungry so bought a chocolate waffle near a bakery shop which took me quite a journey to find tiz shop. it was secluded and not many ppl was walkin arnd there.. instead of juz buying a waffle, i also bought a doughnut.. the doughnut was for small kids (10 for $1) so i bought it (i'm a kid mah.. hehehe)

after tat i wen to ntuc to buy a drink.. i was so thirsty and hungry and the weather todae which i forgot to mention was so sizzling hot and guess wat?!! i was wearin a black shirt which like duh,, absorb heat..

OMG!! the ntuc was full of chinese ppl buying things for their chinese new year.. i look left, right, up and down and everywhere was them.. like nightmare sia.. muahaha.. bought a bottle of water which cost $1 (very cheap) and i had to queue for 10 minutes in order to pay my drink.. PATHETIC SIA!!!! all the cashier counter are full so i had to choose one that was the least full and i still had to wait for 10 minutes..

aiyoh.. cannot tahan man.. after paying for the drink, i waited for my frenz outside the bedok library which was also filled with 'THEM'.. wen up to the third storey of the library and took a seat on one of the available chairs.. i pick a book (which was actuallie for parents) and read it while enjoyin my drink.

my frenz came at 4.40pm and we did our POM project until arnd 8pm and wen back home.. while doin the POM project, me n my galfren keep on laughing and laughing.. lucky the librarian didnt chase us out.. hahaha... we also did some magic wif our 2 grp mates whom are blur wif our magic.. they didnt get how we do it.. HAHAHA...

i took 18 home and while walking home i saw that my house was pitched dark, i look at the kopitiam under my block and there was my parents eatin and chatting wif their frenz.. i bought nasi goreng ikan bilis ($2.50) and brought it home and eat in front of the tv on my bed..

now, i wanna go n prepare myself for 2morow POM presentation.. looking forward to do the skit and laughing my throat out.. Bubbye!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
9:41:00 PM

im happy??
Saturday, January 26, 2008
hmmm.. wat can i write??
aniwae, im goin back on my words, i always thought that blogging is a waste of time and wat??!! I'M DOING IT!! hahaha..

was feelin kinda bored at home studying and studying and stressing.. ppl say i always look happy whenever im in school as u can see me laughing my teeth out.. hahaha.. i feel happy bcoz of my frenz n family as there are always there wen u need them.. im lucky to b bless with such cool people to be arnd wif..

to top it off, i cant wait to go swimming nxt sun wif my cute lil niece as she juz turn 6 months old on the 24 of july 2008.. fia, tiz is for u.. dora loves you.. hehe..

laughter is the bez medicine...


--Merci tout le monde--
6:15:00 PM


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