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halloween equal to fun!!!!!
Friday, October 31, 2008
hey peeps... i juz got back from the Halloween party organized by BSC people... it was so so so fun!!! too bad to you hu miss it.. it was filled wif enjoyment.. trust me!!! since it was a halloween party yes, we had to dress up.. n i dress up as a ghost.. peoplr say i look really scary n lots of thm took pics wif me.. hehehe... since i cant smile in the pic, i juz made a scary face which was damn scary.. thx a lot to malia for introducin me to the halloween party.. thx for carrying my bag n do my hair.. thx for holding on to my phone all the way.. since i was a ghost, i cant carry my bag coz i wont look the part.. thx a lot MALIA THE HAWTEST!! LOVE YA LOADS!!!! :) :) hmmm.. y dun i juz leave u guys wif the pics i took ok.. enjoy n TODDLESS!!!

in the process of becoming a ghost..

i like fresh blood..
u looking at me??
wat r u staring at?
peek a boo..

me n el..
me n afiq..
me n malia the hawtest..
me n nic..
me n sl..
me n jasmine..
u dun have to stare at me..

me n the hot zombie[kevon]..
me n i dunno wats his name..

r u loving me??

me n the best female dancer.. SHAKE IT!!

can ya see me??

me n hot nurse..

*im tired.. i hope can last for tmr's dance prac..

--Merci tout le monde--
11:22:00 PM

anothr day at skul
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
hello peeps.. it was anothr day at skul n i love learning calculus.. mayb coz i love mr benson.. he's sooo funny... especially his high pitch voice wen he talks.. hahaha... if u ever attend his lecture, u shld noe wat im talkin abt.. aniwae, i hav sumone following me arnd skul todae.. hahaha.. its btwn annie n me.. hehehe.. i dun care lah actuallie but quite kepo.. hahaxx.. * wanted to join moi grp for erm but * wen to anothr grp.. hehehe... kk.. my siz told me sumtin tat shocked me.. didnt expect * will turn out like tat.. as long as u r happy wif ur life okey.. wishing ya all the best.. oh ya, i log on to my frenster n saw tiz bulletin.. quite cute actually..

♫ A: hot
♫ B: loves people and sex
♫ C: good kisser
♫ D: can kick ur butt
♫ E: has gorgeous eyes
♫ F: loves people wild and crazy
♫ G: very outgoing
♫ H: stick to one
♫ I: is really sweet
♫ J: is very sexual
♫ K: crazy
♫ L: hard to find
♫ M: Makes dating fun
♫ N: Good Kisser
♫ O: has one of the best personalities
♫ ever
♫ P: popular with all types of people
♫ Q: a hypocrite
♫ R: funny
♫ S: makes people laugh
♫ T: smile to die for
♫ U: is loved by everyone
♫ W: very broad minded
♫ X: never let people tell you what to
♫ Y: is loved by everyone
♫ Z: can be funny and dumb at times

so im a:
♫ N: Good Kisser
♫ U: is loved by everyone
♫ R: funny
♫ A: hot
♫ Z: can be funny and dumb at times
♫ E: has gorgeous eyes
♫ L: hard to find
♫ A: hot
♫ H: stick to one

hahaha.. i shy lah.. wat to say.. im hard to find.. hehehe... hmmm.. so wat r u?? tell me alrite... k peeps.. tats all for now.. TODDLESS!!!

ps: i didnt quite agree with the letter Z.. hehehe..

--Merci tout le monde--
9:54:00 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2008
wadssup people!!!! todae i woke up wif full of energy coz i slept arnd 10hrs.. woohoo.. enjoying every min of my sleep... i think i dream of sumone but i dunno who he is.. i forgot alrdy.. hehehe... aniwae, wen to a wedding juz next to my block n u noe wat, the berkat"door gift" is CHIPSMORE!!! woohooo... i LOVE it... i took a snap of it.. hehehe... the decoration was pretty n saw a lot of handsome guys... GORGEOUS!!! n these gorgeous guys can really sing.. i was amazed... hahaha.. aniwae, khairul anwar was there[if u noe hu im talking abt].. he is the bride's cousin... n of coz he sang for us.. but not by himself, he sang wif all hiz cuzzies.. they sang the song isabella.. i record it.. hehehe... the wedding cake was not a cake but lots of cupcakes.. n me being me, took picturessss[notice the ssseesss] wif it.. k lah peeps... enjoy.. TODDLESS!!!! :)

3 flavour chipsmore

kumpulan nurul hikmah..

the cupcake
starting from here till the end are camwhoring.. hehehe.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
9:55:00 PM


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I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
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