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..missing thm..
Saturday, March 29, 2008
hello hello..
my body is aching bcoz of nurin and sufia.. carried nurin for long hours and took care of sufia whom is so energetic.. she wont sit still.. its all bcoz of her mum who eats chocolate while she was pregnant.. see, now u get an energetic girl who smiles rite after she woke up from her sleep.. hahaha.. she so funny at times and makes me laugh all the time.. im gonna take care of her tomorrow.. if im feelin not so tired mayb will follow my mum go ntuc and bring her along.. put her in the $1 dollar trolley and push her arnd.. hahaha.. confirm she will like it..

hmm.. seems like im spending my time with all the kids that my mum is babysitting.. i regard thm as my little sisters coz i dun have one.. i only got one little sister hu is 'big'.. hahaha.. i mean she's juz 11 mnths younger thn me.. hmmm.. wat can i rite sum more.. oh ya.. mayb going swimming wif my galfren but i dunno whether i shld contact the other one.. haha.. miz thm a lot.. i can still remember the days whn we laugh in class and everione was annoyed by our behaviour.. hahaha..

k thn.. tats all i have to write.. i wanna go youtube now.. bubbye!!

--Merci tout le monde--
12:19:00 AM

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
hey there peeps.. my dear niece is sick and it mayb bcoz of me coz im sick too.. tat dae i wen to expo and carried her throughout the whole dae there.. mayb she have gotten my sickness and now it hard for her to breathe wen she sleep.. aiyoh.. felt kinda guilty.. i haven call my fren and ask thm whether they wanna go swimming or not..

its been days since i talk to my galfren.. wonder how she's feelin.. mayb i go n call her later.. hahaha.. todae the contractor is comin my house to see about my house sink.. ok then.. tats all folks.. i wanna go play game now.. bubbye..

PS: to u noe hu, u can comment now.. *HAHA*

--Merci tout le monde--
3:47:00 PM

Sunday, March 23, 2008

hey there... yesterdae i wen swimming wif my family and my cousins.. it was my niece's first time swimming.. well, i dun have her pics yet but will soon upload it.. it was so damn fun watching her having a blast at the pool.. she was so cute.. it so a great day that landed me a great headache at the end of the day.. counldnt sleep so watch the tv and ate panadol and soon i was fast asleep.. i will nvr forget tat dae.. the toppings on the cake was tat i saw my bestest best fren.. he wen to the market to 'stock up' his home fridge.. it was nice talking to u.. hehe.. well. here is some the pics of my niece...MASYA SUFIA....

*end of pics*

--Merci tout le monde--
2:14:00 PM

my dad's back and i got my results alrdy.. YEAH!!!
Thursday, March 13, 2008
ello guys... my dad's back todae.. the doctor said tat he can be discharged and go home today but startin frm tml, i need to accompany him to polyclinic to dress his wound at 8am.. i was prepared for the changing of my daily schedule coz since im not schooling now, i have to take care of my dad. my siz told me tat i write quite a lot so tiz post gonna be short.. hehe..

aniwae, i got my exam results... i thought i was not going to do well but it turns out tat i did quite good for my standard.. i got a higher gpa than laz sem.. hmmm.. i dun wanna say lah... shy ah.. hehehe... i cant wait for my dad's wound to heal and hope to see that he will be able to walk as per normal.. ok thn, my patient is calling..


--Merci tout le monde--
4:07:00 PM

unlucky life..
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
guess wat guys?? my dad in hospital now and i cant enjoy my holiday coz i need to take care of my father.. he had an accident with a car and kinda broke his ankle so now he cant walk properly.. my siz and bro wanted to buy him a wheel chair but he say y waste the money.. so now we are finding ways to lend a wheelchair from our aunties or uncles or any organisation tat lends wheelchair.. to everyone out there... if u noe of any place that lends wheelchair, plz give me a response..

aniwae, it has been 9 days since he is in hospital and he is getting use to the environment.. the leg does not hurt so much like it did after the 5 hours of operation.. i dont have the time to blog everydae coz im kinda bz going in n out of hospital.. i go there at 9am and come back at 11pm.. except for today.. coz im goin to accompany my siz go Ubi to get her license. after tat then i straight away go hospital to visit my dad..

so plz if u have any wheelchair that is available to use, plzzzzzzz give me a response.. it is greatly appreciated... thank you so much!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
12:58:00 PM


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