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fun plus tiring day..
Saturday, August 30, 2008
hello peeps... weehee.. todae woke up at 9am instead of 8am coz i slept at 4am yesterdae.. lucky my fren msg or else i will definitely be late for my dance prac.. hahaha.. they have a new rule, if u r late for 15mins, u have to pay $1... wth???!!! it has always been thm "seniors" whom are late.. i noe sum of thm stay far, i dun blame thm.. i understand.. i mean i've always been early or on time.. usually the one tat are late would be the seniors.. not to say anythin bad lah but u r suppose to show a good example to the freshies rite?? hahaha.. aniwae, had dance prac, got new steps for contemp piece but the traditional piece still the same.. we were called blur sotong n i dunno y.. i thought i did all my steps?? hahaha.. laugh it off people.. no need to b stress abt it.. learn how to use my bloody selendang for the dance.. amin quite bingit wif us coz we were not focusing.. well, i was focused!.. he's referring to some of the dancers hu kept looking at the clock.. he didnt like it.. hahaha.. my dance prac finished at 2.30pm.. i wen to accompany my fren atikah to eat, n she accompany me to buy present for my cousin.. hahaha.. funny lah she.. we kept laughing at ljs like nobody biz.. i told her my long winded story n she listened.. i was damn talkative.. aniwae, search for sylvanian families for my cousin but at toys r us dun have ah.. didnt go to BHG coz my fen say takde.. so i percaya lah ckp dier.. my elder siz ckp ade.. ntahlah.. hahaha.. i bought her a notebook which is so damn nice.. its a collectors edition.. i bought it frm precious thots.. it is the place whr i buy all my presents.. hahaha.. nowadays, i kept buying for my people notebook or scheduler.. i dunno y.. i juz find it nice.. i hope my cousin likes it.. there was also a birthday card for the collectors edition book.. very pretty man the book.. after tat i thought of goin back home thn my mum called me n say she wanna go giant.. HOORAY!!! i followed her n bought a lot of things.. the total cost for all the groceries was $131/-.. hahaha.. exact sia.. i have to sleep early todae coz tml have to wake up at 10.30am coz im goin SENTOSA!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! i wanna go pack my stuff now.. THX SOON FOR THE BALL!!! TODDLESSS!!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
11:30:00 PM

woohoo!! exams over...
Friday, August 29, 2008
hello peeps... im HAPPY coz exams are OVER n DONE wif.. hahaha.. no nee to stay up till 4am to study alrdy.. no need to burn my midnite oil.. no need to msg CRAPPY MAN in the early morning n disturb him..no more crappy msgs frm me... no more i love _ msgs frm me... im a stress free girl now... hahahah... cant wait to enjoy my holidae tat consist of a fasting mnth n hari raya.. weeheee!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!! i had my biz stats paper todae, reach the exam hall at 2.25pm.. i thought i was goin to b late.. i wasnt.. look at the exam paper.. it was manageable n requires u to crack ur head.. keep on second guessing myself wif my answers... stuck at qn 1 and 2 for 40minutes... my paper is only 2hrs n there was 3 more qns to go.. wanted to cry n tear my paper got my mind suddenly BLANK!!! my hand was trembling coz i scared not enuf time to finish the whole paper.. hahaha.. got a call frm my irritant siz n she ask me abt my prev post.. hahaha.. KEPO MAN!! HAHAHA!!! :)

aniwae, after the paper, talk to all my frenz n wish them a happy holidae n got the ball frm soon.. THX SOON!!! i meet u whn i finish using it ok.. THX SOO MUCH!!! gave malia her present which is kept in my bag for a week.. wanted to give her on mon but i forgot.. hahaha.. manage to give her juz now, i kept holding her present n i didnt gave to her.. we were like talking to each other n i juz hold the bag.. hahaha.. thn i finally gave it to her, she was happy.. YAHOO!!!! hahaha.. gave a belated bdae hug.. hahaha.. galfren also gave her the present which she n captain bought.. played the smacking games.. guys look at us like wat the hell r they doin??? hahaha.. it a girl thing.. HAHAHA!!! got a msg frm CRAPPY MAN , the content of the msg, IM SHAWN YUE, I LOVE EDISON CHEN!! HAHAHA!!! if u r in my class now, u shld noe damn well hu CRAPPY MAN is.. hehehe.. crazy... im getting crappy too.. salah campur ah.. hahaha.. k lah peeps.. hope sundae gonna be a bright daycoz im goin SENTOSA!!! weeheee!!!!! TODDLESSS!!! HAPPY HOLIDAES MY DEAR FRENZ!!!! SELAMAT BERPUASA!!! :)

*tmr malay dance trainin at 10am.. YEAH!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
8:08:00 PM

these are my loves n hates
Thursday, August 28, 2008
thnks for goin thru all tat to read my post.. hahaha.. :)

hello beautiful n gorgeous people.. my post is about all the people i love.. i suddenly have the urged to tell you who i love n hu i still hate coz of wat they did or gossiped abt me.. here it goes.. it is in random order okey.. hehehe.. :)


i love my parents
i love my siblings
i love my niece
i love my those i regard as my family
i love my sec friends
i love my pri friends whom im still intouch with
i love my bit friends
i love michael phelps
i love andreas thorkildsen
i love bryan clay
i love usain bolt
i love johnny depp
i love vin diesel
i love chris evans
i love jessica alba
i love beyonce
i love ellen degeneres
i love tyra banks
i love david beckham
i love ronaldo
i love ryan giggs
i love torres
i love fabregas
i love hugh jackman
i love brad pitt
i love tom cruise[i use to hate him.. hahaha]
i love anne hathaway
i love jennfier garner
i love jennifer love hewitt
i love jennifer aniston
i love oprah winfrey
i love eunice olsen
i love gurmit singh
i love joanne peh
i love michelle chong
i love jing jing
i love csi
i love pushing daisies
i love criminal minds
i love behind close doors
i love incredible tales
i love cold case
i love chinese dramas
i love SOME malay dramas
i love SOME malay singers
i love ugly betty
i love project runway
i love janice dickinson modeling agency
i love jason mraz
i love CATS
i love turtles
i love kittens
i love you for reading my post.. :)

*there are lots more loves, tiz are those tat r much closer to my heart rite now..


i hate "the girl" hu spread rumors abt me juz coz she lost her guy to me
i hate her frenz hu look at me like they wan to eat me
i SERIOUSLY hate backstabbers!!!!!
i hate LIZARDS!!!
i hate cockroaches!!! they SUCK!!!!
i hate pests!!
i totally hate ABUSERS!!!!

*these r my most hatest things,pest n people!!! i will update if i got more okey..
thanks for reading my love n hate post!!! enjoy ur day people!!! remember to say i love u to those hu u love okey.. TODDLESS!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
3:42:00 PM

im a babysitter todae..
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
where is the damn post??? hahaha.. find out urself.. hehehe.. :)

hello babes n dudes.. i have a new part time job now.. i think i juz gonna help out my mum to babysit these babies coz im damn lazy to find a job.. if u got one, call me k.. hehehe.. aniwae, im babysitting nurin todae.. now she's rolling around my bed.. she wan me to play wif her but i ask her to sleep.. as if she knows.. she's only 10mnts.. hahaha.. i love talking to babies, they will juz look into ur eyes while u speak to thm thn they will smile like they noe wat u are talking about.. hahaha... my mum n siz wen to hospital for check up.. i have to stay home to look after the kids.. hehehe.. be a part time mum hu wakes up at 12pm n take care of the kids.. hehehe.. later at midnite im gonna burn my midnight oil to study for my biz stats.. im an owl people, i study better at nite when there is peace n quiet.. i wanna go out but i dunno where to go.. the fasting month is coming people... im gonna have dance trainin during the fasting month coz we have to get ready for PENTAS which is on 7th november fidelia's bdae.. hmm.. gonna buy sumting for her. she loves to read books man.. goin shopping tiz saturday i guess n i cant wait for tiz sunday coz im goin SENTOSA wif my sizters and all the kids... hehe.. k lah peeps.. gotta get back to taking care of nurin.. TODDLESS!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
3:10:00 PM

i love tues..
Tuesday, August 26, 2008
hello peeps... todae is relaxing my brain day... after studying for my two papers, i decided to relax my brain by waking up in the afternoon n watching the television.. my dad has become a carpenter todae.. he upgraded the kitchen sink.. the kitchen was out of bound todae n my mum start cooking at 7pm.. lucky she fried some stuff which made my stomach kinda full till 7pm.. hahaha.. i dun mind not eating coz i wont go berserk unlike some people.. hahaha.. i LOVE tuesdae... all my fav show is on tv.. now im watching criminal minds.. im a serious fan of tiz show i tell u.. i watch every episode of it.. haha.. im also a fan of CSI.. :) been watching it since the first season.. got a call frm galfren.. the first thing she said was, dodo.. hahaha.. another nickname from her.. oh ya, i juz found out tat there is a cabinet name DORA.. OMG!!! im a cabinet.. hahaha.. i have an inner athlete.. u wanna noe wat??? im a DIVER!!! i can become like GUO JINGJING!!! number 1 diver in the world!!! hahaha.. took the quiz again n im also a BMX rider!!! hahaha... tmr will be studying dae for me coz i wanna recap my biz stats... saw a SAMSUNG OMNIA advertisement... hahaha.. COOL MAN!!! k lah peeps.. wanna watch tv lah.. take care k people... TODDLESS!!! SELAMAT TINGGAL!!!!!!

*isnt wats deep inside tat matters??

--Merci tout le monde--
11:28:00 PM

a week post...
Monday, August 25, 2008
hello peeps.. sorie for the late blogging.. first, i wanna talk abt olympics.. i seriously LOVE a lot of thm.. i can name all but i dun think u wanna noe.. hahaha.. sum of u shld noe ah.. HAHAHA!!! me being a crazy person watch olympic for the whole two weeks.. try imagine staying at home n waking up at 9am to watch olympic.. hahaha.. tats me!!! i juz love it.. wat can i say, i love athletes, swimmers, boxers, jumpers and lots lots lots more... instead of studying for my main exam which is todae, i watch tv for the whole two weeks.. if u msg me or if u nvr msg me, i will tell you hu i love n i will reply tat im watching olympics... YES!!! im crazy... hahaha... studied 2 days before my exam on mon[todae].. i actually said to myself not to switched onmy comp coz NEED to study... at last, i DIDNT!!! only a few days before..

wen to skul todaen had a **** drama tat happen to me early in the morning.. thx abang for sending me to skul.. hehehe.. :) my paper start at 9.30am n i woke up at 7.30am after sleeping at 4am.. hahaha.. dear said my face look like im lacking of sleep.. hmmm. she can tell man... hahaha... looks like hav to put a mask before coming to skul.. HAHAHA!!! aniwae, i got 6 hr between my next paper which was at 7pm... CRAZY-NESS!!! guess where i wen?!!!!! i wen to "TATS MY MCDONALDS"...... hahaha.. wen wif galfren,malia n captain.. hahaha.. another crazy guy.. laugh a lot... SERIOUSLY until my stomach wanna burst.. me n captain got secret leh.. hahaha... pass me later k captain!!! hahaha... im waiting for a blog to download n it is seriously taking a lot of my time.. cw wanna show me a hot girl so i wanna go take a look... hahha... celebrated wahid bdae todae n also malia.. hers not todae but advanced bdae.. hahaha... WAHID GOT POLED!!!!!! wif a dustbin!!!! hahaha.. funny lah these guys... lucky im not a guy.. i dun wanna experience tat pain n suffering.. hahaha.. dramatic sia aku!!! hahaha... aniwae, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY WAHID!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU N MAY YOU LIVE LONG!!!! hahahaha.... our fav song... DEEP IN MY HEART>>>> i juz know.... rite frm the start>>>>> we will grow!!!! hahaha.. k lah peeps.. wanna mandi first lah, lambat giler sia page nak load.. hahaha... TODDLESssss!!! love ya... *muacks* love you fia!!!!

*hahaha.. now i noe dia punye anglais like SHIT!!!! hahahhaha....
*y muz ppl say tat abt u, i juz dun get it... izit juz pure immaturity???!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
11:33:00 PM

im not ready for exam but im ready for the olympics..
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
hey peeps.. ermm.. looks like i have to start studying alrdy n i wanna tell you tat im will not be blogging or switching on my comp till the exams over.. yup!! tats rite.. i have to do my very best for my exams.. after all the exams are over be prepared for an English composition from me okey.. i dunno wat to do now, im juz surfing the net like nobody biz.. have to settle my bill soon.. now all my bills have been sent to me instead of my cousin's house.. coz my line is under her name.. wan to change it but no time man.. mayb after the exam.. im soo gonna get a new hp after the exam.. have to contact my cousin also.. hmm.. oh ya, my DARLING PHELPS is the greatest Olympian eva!! he's so humble wen ppl interviewed him for his winnings.. im soo happy for him.. looks like he can enjoy all his 8 gold medals on his bed.. china is seriously winning in all competition except for some.. they are like taking all the medals tat they made.. hahaha.. :) mayb they cant bear to part wif it.. hp is VERY silent todae.. good.. they noe im studying.. hahaha.. k lah peeps.. im gonna change my skin soon.. hahahaha.. TODDLES!!!! :) i love you Michael Phelps!!!! LOVE!!!!!

*did sumting for sumone's _ :)

--Merci tout le monde--
3:28:00 AM

YEAH!! i love both of it..
Sunday, August 17, 2008
hey peeps.. i've made a decision not to post from my multiply n cross post it here coz the timing is totally different n im juz gonna use my multiply to upload photos n tats it.. hahaha.. so here's my story[to cw; ya, i noe u aldry noe so juz read again, alrite??]hahaha.. here it goes.. had dance pratice at 10am n as usual i cant wake up too tired.. i woke up at 9.50am n reach the dance studio at 10.30am.. n to my amazed, i wasnt late.. the dance prac haven started n i was like cursing myself in the bus for not waking up early.. seriously, i hate to b late n moreover[galfren fav word] it was dance practice for PENTAS.. if i was late, im gonna be left out coz i'll be like wats the next step man.. so lucky for me i wasnt.. hahaha.. soooo, next time can late again ah..hahaha.. oh ya, there was an audition for the traditonal piece coz only few ppl were selected to do the piece.. guess wat??!!! I WAS SELECTED!!! soo, im gonna be dancing for 2 pieces, one contemporary n the other traditional.. traditional piece is more "soft" compared to the contemp piece which is quite "rough".. i like both pieces coz the music very NICE n FAST!! i LOVE FAST MUSIC!!! SOO CHALLENGING!!

during the fasting month, dance prac will continue as usual so i have to drink lots of water in the morning.. i hope i can cope wif 2 pieces, i've done it alrdy during my sec days but poly days its much more different.. i didnt make it to andy's dance competition at suntec at 5pm coz i was tired after the dance, so i headed home.. .. sorry andy!!! wish ya all the best!! the first thin i did wen i got home is wat??? WATCH OLYMPICS!!! yes, u are rite.. haha.. watch olympics till 12am n there were a few unforgettable moments.. i love people hu can seriously RUN... like USAIN BOLT!!!!! he won the 100m race in he finished it in 9.69 secs man.. CRAZYNESS!!!!!! n my gorgeous darling MICHAEL PHELPS won his 7th GOLD!!!! YEAH!!!!! so proud of you..[hmm... i've seen tiz before, hahaha..] he really gave his best during the last few seconds n won gold for the 100m butterfly.. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL PHELPS!!! hahahaha.. congrats to all the winners todae especially my LOVE... ok lah ppl.. tats all for now... for you: I LOVE MAN U!!!! hahaha.. TODDLES!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
1:06:00 AM

Saturday, August 16, 2008
hey people!!! u noe im into the olympics rite, so of coz im gonna talk abt it.. first of all, i wanna congratulate team spore for getting into the finals for table tennis.. its been 48 yrs since spore ever got a medal for OLYMPICS.. im sooo proud of thm [eventhough there r not really sporeans, they tried their best for our country].. spore is guaranteed a silver medal man!!! i juz cant believe.. i watched it after i wen back home "LEPAKING" wif nuraini.. my new MALAY fren..

i was strucked by a qn tat i was ask twice.. the qn: "WHAT WAS UR FIRST IMPRESSION ON ME??" thn i was like... errrmmmm.. wen did i first c u, open tech?? thn she say no, during the first year.. thn i was like, i got no impression.. i didnt notice u.. thn she was like ohh... good2.. thn i ask her, how abt your first impression on me?? thn she REVEALED tat she was kinda irritated by me.. thn i say, i think i noe y.. im noisy rite??? thn she say YA!!! hahaha... im sooo popular for tat.. seriously, u will always hear my voice during lect... dun believe me?? ask the rest.. hahaha.. she also say she always wind abt how noisy i was.. im sooooo sorry.. i didnt noe tat i was getting on people's nerves.. hahaha.. but we are frenz now.. i actually made more frenz tiz yr compared to my laz yr.. im sooo HAPPY!!!

oh ya, i watch a horror movie juz now, hantu ambulance.. the hantu look quite funny but the sound effect made my heart pumps!!! stupid cw dunnoe hu SUZANNA is.. she's like the greatest actress who can really act like a ghost lah.. should let him watch one horror movie starring her.. thn he'll noe.. hahaha.. aniwae, i thought the ghost was suzanna, but she was not the ghost.. she juz stared as a main character.. quite boring, wanted to sleep half way thru but kept my eyes open till the movie ended.. hahaha.. ok thn peeps.. i gtg now.. tml got dance prac at 10am at dance studio.. TODDLES!!!!


*the qn was ask by my younger siz first, she ask me abt her bf.. thn i say, he look "baik".. and he REALLY is... good for my siz.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
12:39:00 AM

Thursday, August 14, 2008

hey peeps.... juz a reminder for all of YOU, tiz post is about MICHAEL PHELPS!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! i love him man.. seriously!!!! i juz got to know tat he is only 23 YEARS OLD!!!!! SOOOOOOO SUITABLE FOR ME!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! im sooo into him rite now bcoz of the olympics.. i juz cat imagine how he can have tat such of stamina.. winning 2 medals on the same day??!!! MAD-NESS!!!!! both is like 200 metres butterfly okey.... let me tell you tat im so amazed by these people.. r they aliens??!!! NOT MY PHELPS!! hahaha... i hope he win all hiz races... HE ROCKS MY WORLD UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! hehehe... aniwae, i wen to my lecture [Organisational Behaviour] n the first thing i heard was MALIA shouting my name.. she super duper funny... my lecturer showed us a clip of the olympic n guess wat!!!! it was the race of 2X100 metres freestyle.. MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!!! haaha... me n malia was shouting like HOOLIGANS MAN!!! galfren whom sat beside me said to me shut up lad dodo.. i juz said, im sorry but i cant.. HAHAHA.... i like a FAN of MICHAEL PHELPS!!! hahaha.. juz like im a fan of MICHAEL JACKSON!!! hahaha.. both of them are the greatest.. hahaha.. malia n teck wee made weird noises, malia[talking in parrot language], teck wee[talking in sheep language].. hahaha.. me[laughing like a MAD PERSON!!!].. everyone was looking at us.. galfren was damn embarrassed.. i think my laughter really attracts others attention.. maybe instead of laughing HAHAHAHA, i should laugh hahahaha.. can see the difference?? one is bigger than the other.. hahaha.. okey2..

now i wanna talk abt skul, abit only lah so hang on okey.. im finishin soon.. soo, after lecture, me,cw,wei xian,tongkak,jeremy,darren n lots more wen to eat at design.. wen i arrive there, jessie also came wif ehemm.. i mean soon xiang.. oh ya, sx wen to run after jessie n guess wat!! he slipper kinda was left behind.. like CINDERELLA!!!! all of us especially me was laughing damn loudly man.. he got a new nickname from me.. [MR.CINDERELLA].. im gonna call him tat tml.. hahaha.. funny man him... okey2, back to where i started.. we wen to design to eat but i didnt eat anything.. haha.. juz bought ice tea which i didnt drink bcoz of my sore throat which started yesterdae...damn pain man.. after lecture, i had french tut which i wish i didnt go.. hahaha.. saw nicholas, my psycho mate.. haha.. he also another funny guy.. full of rubbish.. he chose me n my fren to be in his group n i was like okey.. we played a game [of coz it has sumtin to do wif french].. we had to find the 2 lines of the french national anthem.. i cant remember lah but i can remember the tune of the anthem which we also need to hum.. chill wif jenny n her frenz at biz park n made a lot of noise too.. wen back wif thm n wen i got home sufia wen back home alrdy.. i got to play wif nurin[debab].. i kinda bite her leg[drumstick].. hahaha.. soo, tats all tat happen today.. hahaha.. come back tml for more news OK!!! TODDLES!!! i MIZ you WEI XIAN!!! hahahaha...

*someone is .. cheer up okey.. u can always talk to me..

ps:there sumtin wrong wif the time!!! blog entry at 7.10pm.. not 3pm, i was still at skul!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
3:05:00 PM

im soooo into beijing olympics...
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hello peeps.. sorie for blogging late.. aniwae, the very first thing tat i wanna tell you is tat EXAMS ARE COMING!!! i haven started studyng but will do it soon.. hahaha.. second, i DREAMED about HIM!!!! hahaha... seriously!!! wen i close my eyes he is the only thing i see.. im getting fed up wif myself.. i try to get him out of my mind but i juz cant... hahaha.. funny lah.. im like having a crisis within myself.. i LOVEEEEE BEIJING OLYMPICS!!!! its so fun... do u noe tat i didnt touch my comp for a few days coz i was watching the olympics.. hahaha.. im a real fan... its true.. my favourite sport would be everything tat got to do wif swimming... all the diving and lots more... i also like the other sport.. im very amazed wif weight lifting.. how can a 53kg girl carry a 120kg weight????!!! its MAD-NESS!!! i sooo freaking amazed by tat lah.. the girl soo pretty sumore.. hahaha... good for them lah.. they noe wat they wanna do unlike me who seriously dun have a goal. all i wanna do is to support my family wen i grow old n hope tat i can give thm a happy n wonderful life... haaaha.. speaking like a breadwinner.. must complete my studies first..

communication between us is goin, goin, gone! no lah.. juz kidding.. its never been better. now, i see him everyday... hahaha.. maybe faith brought us together.. my mum is recovering well from the operation juz tat she cant do heavy lifting, or much work.. or else, her stomach will hurt.. me, being the daughter will have to take care of the household chores.. ppl may not no tat i actually like doin household chores.. not LOVE juz like... didnt blog yesterdae coz i didnt feel like to n im wanna watch the olympics.. YEAH!!! talk to _ abt wat he gonna do abt his problems.. i juz hope tat everything will turn juz fine.. dun worry okey.. n PLZZZZ dun stress too much abt it.. jen ask me y nowadays i keep bringing my backpack n i told her tat its much easier thn bringing a sling bag.. since tiz week is revision week, all the notes are much heavier so tats y i bring my backpack.. the backpack have been years wif me.. its still holding strong..

oh ya, i have a new reader.. a fren i made from tagged.. if u re reading tiz.. HELLO!!!!!! hahaha... i gave him my blog add to read in case he got bored.. hehehe.. tiz week i always sleep at 3am coz i watch the olympics.. yesterdae was fencing[DAMN FUN!!!], the day before yesterdae was weightlifting[DAMN FUN ALSO!!], the day before yesterdae yesterdae, i forgot alrdy.. hahaha.. todae dunno wat.. so all i wanna say is tat if u are bored, im available for you to call till 3am.. after tat my line is close.. if u wanna msg me also can.. if u dun have my number.. ask me personally n i'll give you okey... k thn peeps.. i gtg now.. LOVE YA!!! TODDLES!!!!

*pics took from james phone camera.. love it.. ignore my faces if u can.. hahaha..

me n jenny

us again

us again n again

yes... we are bored!!!


*PS: she's gonna kill me if she knew i put the pic here..SSHHHHH!!!! hahaha...

--Merci tout le monde--
8:42:00 AM

woohoo.. she's back.. :)
Sunday, August 10, 2008
hey peeps... sorie for the late update... hehehe.. aniwae, let me tell u wat happen on fridae.. i had a bbq wif all my BIT mates at pasir ris park area 2 pit 30 n 31.. it was loads of fun man... i didnt go for otbs lecture coz i woke up late.. hahaha.. i think i got post abt it before.. hahaha.. i woke up at arnd 11.45am n go downstairs to buy rubber band to make ZERO POINT!!! it was like my favourite game during my pri days.. hahaha.. played wif it during the bbq n everyone didnt noe tat i could actually jump very high.. hahaha.. seems like they now noe more abt me.. we also played lingo which made my back damn pain now.. i wen from the bbq at 6am n guess wat?!!! i have STOMACH CRAMP!!! it happen to me at abt 5am.. everyone at the bbq noe tat i was having stomach cramp... i thought bcoz i was hungry but it got worse wen i got back home... i wash my face n tried to sleep but the cramp keeps hurting.. i woke up my siz n she told me to go to the doctor next to my house.. she said mayb i was having indigestion coz she also had it once.. she said the symtoms were the same.. so she accompanied me to the doctor n she was RIGHT!!! i had indigestion.. the doctor said tat i didnt relax my stomach after i ate thn i suddenly realised tat during the bbq, after i juz ate, i started playing zero pint.. so tat was the main cause of my illness.. it really hurts man... but im okey now.. juz tat im on a strict diet.. the doctor said, NO SOLID FOOD, NO SODA DRINKS, NO MEAT!! ONLY SOUP!!! BORING!!!!!! nvr mind lah... i have to listen to the doctor to get well.. my mum is back home n she's kinda noisy.. coz ppl came to my house n she ask me to do tat lah, to tis lah n i juz tell her to relax.. i noe wat im doing.. haiyah.. mothers ah... cant stop nagging.. i still love her lah.. hahahaha.. k lah ppl.. i have to do my biz stats tut now.. TODDLES!!!!

*enjoy the pics*

my medicine.. :(

tiz is my dare.. i had to kiss cw on the cheek.. hahaha.. cw was SHY!!!

in the early morning..

all the BIT peeps..

us again..

pardon my WEIRD face.. hahaha..


the uncle wif the flag.. random-ness..

all the yr 2s..

candid shot..

crazy peeps..

us again..


all the gerlz..

wahid's face funny lah.. hahaha..

nice pic... :)


tiz was taken wen we were sending malia back.. guess wat??
there was a car coming towards us.. RUN!!!!

back to cam whoring....

me n malia...

me n malia again...


enjoying the sea..
fail jumping shot..
fail again..
successful jumping shot!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
6:00:00 PM


Nura is my name Dora is my nickname
I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Im a happy-go-lucky but crazy kinda girl..

note de prise!

you are welcome to LEAVE if you dont like it here..


i love my family, friends and especially YOU!

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