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yoghurt yeah!!!
Sunday, September 28, 2008
hello people.. todae will be very short post coz i wan to play wif my adopted baby..(a facebook application).. hahaha.. yesterdae i wen to neopets n i realised tat i still got a lot of money.. i spent it on books so tat i can give my neopets read.. did some battling wif people n updated my shop n im buying a neohome soon.. hahaha.. the furniture for neohome are very expensive so i dun think im buying it first.. hahaha.. for todae, i wen to dance prac, tradi n tepak piece almost finish.. YEAH!!! raya coming soon.. woohooo!!! i juz got back from giant.. bought frozen chicken n beef n a tub of strawberry non fat yoghurt by marigold!!! woohoo!! im eating it now.. also bought a light cheesecake n im a cheesecake fan eversince my elder siz introduce me to it... aniwae, i enjoyed my dae n i hope u did too.. hehehe.. klah.. TODDLESS N TAKE CARE!!!! :)

*2 more days!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
12:10:00 AM

Friday, September 26, 2008
hey lovely n gorgeous people.. nowadays i always wake up at 11am or 12pm.. i slept at 3am yesterdae n tat is like sooo late coz i was helping my younger siz bake raya cookies.. todae my mum is baking samperit n the recipe is from chef liza from malaysia.. very difficult to find the recipe but wif lots of google-ing i managed to find 10 mins ago.. hahaha.. yesterdae weather was soo cold n i nearly had a heart attack coz the thunder was so loud.. i wasnt wearing any blanket n its soo cold (my blanket is in my room, hahaha..).. ate satay burger bought by my bro yesterdae night at he say it is very expensive.. 3 for $10, 1 for $3.50.. i juz like the bun coz i dun really like satay.. im not quite a fan.. i only like it if the gravy is damn nice.. hehehe.. im facebook-ing now n im sending taufiq a gingerbread.. hahaha.. i really love the application there.. soo fun.. if u hav facebook, add me okey.. my name>>> nura loves.. hahaha... k lah peeps.. enjoy ur dae alrite.. TODDLESS!!!

*4 more days.. WOOHOO!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
12:33:00 PM

learning 3 pieces..
Thursday, September 25, 2008
hey peeps.. guess wat??!! im learning another dance piece coz im chosen to perform for tp orientation on 16 october.. ya i noe it is in the middle of hari raya but i LOVE it.. its so fun dancing.. hahax.. tiz new dance is more traditional n amin talk to us the difference btwn "lembik" n "lembut".. gonna work on the way i dance.. must be more lembut n elegant.. amin say we will be using tepak sirih as our prop but im not sure.. aniwae, im on red light now.. started yesterdae while i was dancing.. have a funny feeling n i guess it right.. having a minor stomach ache n i kept goin to the toilet to do biz.. mayb coz i drank a lot of plain water tat all the toxic in my stomach is coming out.. yesterdae i ate an indian sweet name "ladhu".. it is VERY sweet... suddenly i have cravings for sweet things.. juz tat dae i crave for eclairs n i got to eat one, thn now ladhu.. i dunno wats next.. mayb chocolates.. hahahx.. i cant remember the name of the chocolate i love last time.. the shape is rectangle n inside is hazelnut.. *i wen to google for it*.. i remember now!!! the name is MON CHERI!!! very nice.. used to buy it for * but now no more.. k lah.. i wan to play wif nurin ah.. TODDLESS!!! :)

*5 more days... :)

--Merci tout le monde--
1:31:00 PM

all abt malaysia..
Monday, September 22, 2008
hello people.... i wanted to post tiz yesterdae but was to beat to do so.. we sat sail at 6.30am to bugis to board the singapore express.. we includes me,my mum,my siz and my mum's frenz.. i didnt noe tat technology has taken a drastic change there.. usually during the olden days, u need to buy the ticket from the uncle, now u need to pay wen u board the bus n u will get ur ticket.. i was furious wif the uncle coz i dun have a clue how to buy the ticket, he nvr tell me.. he took my $10 n change wif coins.. i told my mum n siz n they were like whr is the ticket thn i told thm the uncle nvr gave me, he only give me $10 worth of coins.. thn another uncle came n say tat u will get ur ticket once u board the bus.. i was like cursing the uncle coz he didnt tell us abt it..

aniwae, we board the bus n it was full.. no place to seat except for single seat, my mum's fren told us to board the bus so tat we will not get stuck in the traffic jam n all of us seat far apart n i sat nxt to a chinese guy.. quite gd looking.. hahahax.. in the bus i write all my particulars in the white card coz i forgot to do it in the morning.. the ride to the woodlands immigration was smooth coz there wasnt too much traffic.. after tat, we headed to malaysia's immigration. my lane was the slowest n im the last person.. no one was behind me.. the immigration officer was damn slow n wen it was my turn, she looked at my passport n saw tat the last visit to malaysia was 2006 n she said "wah.. lama tak datang sini" :long time nvr visit here.. thn i replied ya, im studying.. thn she replied oh,ok.. so it has been 2 yrs since i wen to malaysia..

wen i step in malaysia, i was happy coz im not in singapore animore.. hehehe.. thn we headed to larkin n took a taxi from there to my mum's fren place.. the house was cozy n on the way there saw quite a lot of things, live chicken crossing the street, a big lizard: komodo dragon n lots more.. i didnt noe tat chicken can climb trees.. the most fun part of the trip was shopping.. wen to lots of places in malaysia.. lucky for us, my mum's fren have a 7 seater car n she drove us arnd.. it was all girls day out.. me n my siz were the youngest of coz.. it was very sunny in malaysia n my throat was feeling rather sore.. drank lots of water during break fast.. it was very fun n i couldnt capture the moments coz i forgot to bring my camera.. !@#$%^&*!! i really enjoyed myself there.. we also took a car home n i arrive home at 12am.. thx mum for the one day holiday.. woohoo!!!

todae, my niece n my elder siz is sleepng here.. my elder siz bought chocolate eclairs,fruit tarts n cheese tars.. i've been longing to eat chocolate eclairs n i got to eat it todae.. DELICIOUS!!! hope tmr will be lots of fun.. TODDLESS!!!

*8 more days..

--Merci tout le monde--
10:20:00 PM

thx babe!!
Saturday, September 20, 2008
hello peeps... todae post gonna be abt todae alrite.. i lazy wan to rethink wat i did for the past few days.. so... here it goes... todae i got dance prac at 10am n like usual i woke at 10am!!! my mum was my alarm clock.. she shouts, "dah pukul 10!!!!!!".. thn i was like shack... i bathe damn fast n arrive the dance studio at 10.25am.. i ran from the bus-stop till the dance studio n i was like panting away in the dance studio.. lucky me i wasnt an hour late like last 2 wk.. haha.. i saw my fren in the bus but i was rushing so i didnt talk to her.. sorry, malia.. i guessed she saw me too coz after i got down the bus i ran like a marathon runner.. hehehe.. after finish dance prac, i wen home to turn my room upside down.. almost wan to drink water but i pulled thru.. todae i was goin to break fast alone coz my mum n siz wen out n eat wif their frenz, thx to my fren ATIKAH, we wen break fast together at bedok corner.. meet her at 6pm but i arrive at 6.15pm n the queen arrive at 6.45pm.. woohooo!!!! lucky i was sitting down so i was patient.. i knew we couldnt make it on time so i decided to buy super big gulp at 7-eleven so tat we can at least have a drink in the bus.. soooooo.... while waiting for bus service 10, we listen to the radio n it was alrdy time to break fast.. so i took a BIG sip of ice lemon tea n she also took a sip.. hahax.. the bus arrive at 7.15pm n we board it.. i didnt noe whr to alight so i juz look left n right n we saw simpang bedok, iwe thought we missed the bus-stop n we alight at the nxt 2 stop supposedly we wan to alight at the nxt stop but the bus didnt stop due to the bell.. the bell kept on ding-dong! ding-dong! ding-dong! all the way thru.. it was spoilt.. irritating noise.. wen we alight we realised tat we alight wrongly n we walk a LONG DISTANCE to bedok corner.. i thought we were lost but we wasnt.. we walk n walk n walk n keep on walking till i saw a huge tree which i recognised was the symbol of bedok corner.. i jumped for joy wen i saw tat.. hahaha.. we were like tourists in our own country.. HAHAHA!!! while we were walking into the place we saw a lot of people walking out the place.. they have alrdy eaten their meal while me n atikah only drank ice tea.. hahah.. so we search for places n buy our food.. the drinks were instant.. damn fast man the uncle gave us.. i drank sugarcane juice[GREEN] n atikah drank ice tea AGAIN!! ahaha.. thn i bought fried cockles kway teow[the plate colour: GREEN] n she had chicken rice.. i n atikah wore GREEN coloured shirts n to my amusement all my things were GREEN!!! i'll show u the pic soon.. took some pics thn talk n laugh out loud till our stomach wan to burst.. hahaha.. thn wen to cold storage coz atikah wan to buy diced almond to bake raya cookies.. followed her arnd the supermarket n i kept touching things tat are associated wif chocolate.. hahaha.. CRAVINGS!!!! hehehe.. thn we took the bus home n took the laz pic of the dae.... woohooo!!! i really enjoyed myself todae n i had a blast!!!! it was damn GEREK!!!!! thx atikah for accompanying me.. love ya.. :) klah peeps... tats all for now.. TODDLESS!!!!

*10 more days

--Merci tout le monde--
11:05:00 PM

im not gonna blog often..
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
hello lovely people.. sorry for not updating coz im feeling kinda lazy.. hahahax.. aniwae, my niece slept at my house on mon till tues.. supposedly till wed but yesterdae she cried for her dad while sleeping so my elder siz decided to go home.. her dad is on reservice.. hahax.. she's so attached to her dad.. SERIOUSLY!!! im gonna bake my chocolate cupcake AGAIN!! tiz time with some extra ingredients.. my mum is crazy abt "kuih samprit".. if i got the time, im gonna bake for her.. the recipe are very simple.. im feeling lazy plus happy coz my niece is entertaining me 24/7.. she's super duper hyper!!! u cant catch up with her.. nurin cut her hair alrdy n she look more like a mok.. hahax.. LOVE YA NURIN!!!! k lah peeps... take care k.. TODDLESS!!! :)

*14 more days n i noe u're not interested..

--Merci tout le monde--
6:33:00 PM

my bloated stomach
Saturday, September 13, 2008
hello peeps.. let me tell u abt wat i did todae.. i slept as usual at 4am n woke at 10am due to my niece coughing.. my niece is sick n i hope she get well soon.. it is rather tiring taking care of 3 kids.. hmmm... i wonder how mums can handle more than 2 kids.. they are called SUPERMUM!!! WOOHOO!!! aniwae, i've been watching the tyra banks show at 5pm n it always make me cry.. i watch it twice yesterdae at 5pm n 3am.. both also i cry.. it is really heart touching.. she talk abt how people struggle through their life n all the problems that are happening arnd the world.. hehehe.. call me a cry baby, I DONT CARE!! i can feel wat these people are feeling coz im goin thru it too.. not really the same problems but the problems tat really make me think abt wat im goin to do in the future.. i really hope i can take care of my family in the future.. make it easier for my parents.. hehehe.. :) ok,ok.. im getting emo now.. hahahax.. tmr i got dance prac at 10am n todae im goin to "sahur"[eat during dawn].. i dun normally sahur coz i dun feel like it.. but bcoz tmr i got dance prac, i have to sahur or i'll feel thirsty.. aniwae, i realised tat i have a lot of accounts.. wat i mean is i have hotmail, gmail yahoo n lots more.. for socializing, i have friendster, flixster, tagged, facebook, multiply, blog, yearbook n lots more.. tiz is wat i can think of right now.. hahax.. its fun thought adding frenz arnd the world.. they are different.. u can learn a lot of things frm thm.. i love learning new things.. FUN,FUN,FUN!!! back to my story, after waking up at 10am i juz rolled arnd my bed and watch TV.. as usual.. thn got a call frm my siz asking me to transfer money coz we are renting a car for hari raya.. weehee.. i cant wait.. fasting mnth haven over yet i can still think of hari raya.. hahax.. i wen to eastpoint to transfer the money, thn to go ntuc to buy vegetable thn to phoon huat to buy cupcake cases.. hahah.. im gonna make the cupcake again soon.. recently,my dad's injured leg is getting worse coz the nail inside the ankle is eating my dad's flesh arnd the leg so the doctor say they have to put a case on my dad's leg.. soo, my family will only be celebrating hari raya on weekends which mean i will not be visiting my aunts n uncles on the 1st - 3rd day of hari raya.. my dad will be driving even though his leg is injured coz no one in my family have a driving license.. lucky the car is auto.. hahax.. omg, im soo writing a compo todae.. hehe.. after goin to eastpoint i wen back home n played wif the kids.. i watch the paralympic opening ceremony n i applaud all the competitors hu rae taking part in the paralympic games.. they are soo strong coz even though they are handicapped, they still continue living their life as per normal.. i usually hear people whom are handicapped tat give up their life coz they feel tat they are useless.. it is definitely NOT TRUE!!! u have to continue living ur life wif a positive thinking n never giving up.. this advice appeals to everyone ok.. stay happy ok.. k lah peeps, i will end my post now.. TODDLESS!!! TAKE CARE Y ALL!!! :) :)

*17 more days

--Merci tout le monde--
12:35:00 AM

western dae
Friday, September 12, 2008
hello peeps.. todae i woke up at 12pm after sleeping at 4am.. most shockingly, i actually woke up at 6am first bcoz my alarm rang thn i switch it off thn i wen back to sleep again.. usually i juz ignore it n go to sleep but todae i actually woke up n off it.. hahaha.. oh ya, wen i woke up at 12pm, i didnt feel sleepy n tired at all.. yesterdae i complain abt my tiredness to zana[a toddler my mum babysit] thn she say to me, "kakak ya tidur lah sampai badan tak sakit lagi". thn i juz laugh.. let me translate, she ask me to sleep until my tiredness is all gone.. hahaha.. she only 3 yrs old but her mouth is BIG!! seriously!!! i love her loads.. todae my mum cook western for break fast.. i longed for french fries from the beginning of tiz mnth n i got to eat it todae.. i admit i dun like to cook BUT i like to bake.. hehehe.. i love my mum's tandoori chicken.. ate 3 chicken wings.. i lay out the table n everything tat gotta do wif western food is there, baked beans, chili sauce, 2 types of mayonnaise, mustard[LOVE!!].. i forgot abt the thousand island but everything is purrrrfect.. i love todae.. to top my dae off, my niece,sister n my bro-in-law came to my house n we break fast together.. i got a cut on my second finger on my left hand coz my niece actually break the nin jom cough syrup.. she took it off the table n it fell from her hands.. me being me, cleaned up all the cough syrup from the floor n got a deep cut.. hahahax.. im okey.. im STRONG!!! hahaha.. k lah people.. tats all i have for now.. TODDLESS!! :)

*18 more days..

--Merci tout le monde--
1:37:00 AM

yeah!! i got my results!!
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
hey peeps.. weehee.. i thought todae was a good dae for me but it wen way better wen i got my results.. i juz checked it out n i was satisfied wif my result.. woohoo.. in case u're wondering wat i got for my subjects, here it goes, biz stats [A], open tech [B+], org behav [B], marketng [B+], apel [pass], basic entre [pass], french [Z].. woohoo!! my first time got distinction for cds.. im happy wif my results.. i wish all the best to my frenz whom got their results todae.. hahaha.. aniwae, i wanted to blog abt this yesterdae but i forgot.. hahaha.. yesterdae at the geylang bazaar, i saw a lot of stores selling manchester united,liverpool,chelsea n arsenal things.. tiz includes keychains, bands, jerseys a lot more.. it is my first time seeing stores selling it.. hahaha.. my mum cook bee hoon todae it was VERY DELICIOUS!! my first time eating bee hoon wif shitake mushroom. hehe.. I LOVE SHITAKE MUSHROOM!!!! weehee.. k lah peeps.. i hope todae i can sleep early.. im watching species 3 now.. TODDLESS!!! :)

*u're very kind, i noe..


--Merci tout le monde--
11:15:00 PM

iftar was FUN!!!
hello peeps.. todae i wen iftar[break fast] wif my sec frenz.. we were suppose to meet at 6.20pm but ME, i arrived at 6.45pm.. sorie guys!!! i kinda got lost in the 28 bus coz i didnt noe whr to alight.. usually it will be my mum hu ask me to alight but i was alone juz now n im like looking right n left to search for signs.. hahaha.. suhailah called me n i said i was arriving in 1 stop but i arrived in 4 stops.. i seriously dun noe my way at geylang.. it has been a long time since i wen there.. took a lot of pics n played BUNGA API!!! hahaha.. wen tkc coz liyana wan to feel the air con.. hahaha.. FUNNY MAN!!! :) after tat, wen to look around the bazar.. hahaha.. it was damn fun guys.. im looking forward to our next gathering.. hehehe.. k lah peeps.. i juz let the pics do the talking k.. TODDLESS!!! :)

my black pepper chicken riceall those who attend the iftar..the camera man.. :)hyzal n seha..me n nadya..hyzal n salleh
hanging on..crazy people.. hahax.. :)smile..hold on tight.. hahax..
me,hyzal n suhailah..
me!! sorry for the close-up..
playing wif firecracker
im the tallest person..
the lights at geylang..
smile people.. :)
the girls.. sum not inside.. hehehe..another pic for the ladder..

smile for colgate..
camera man face kena cut.. HAHA!!
we trying to be monkeys..
ziq muke maintain k.. hehehe..
pic taken while waiting for LIYANA!!!!me n fid..
me n liyana..
me n nadya..
501 gerlz..malay gerlz..

say cheese...
last pic of the dae.. hahahax..

*20 more days to go..


--Merci tout le monde--
12:34:00 AM

invented a funny face for all babies n toddlers
Monday, September 8, 2008
hey people... todae is an average dae.. the crappy man is back wif his crappy-ness.. hahax.. yesterdae crazy malia called me at midnite to disturb me.. hahaha... miss her loads.. i also miss all my BIT frenz.. hehehe.. yeah!!! tmr i will be goin to geylang to iftar wif my sec frenz.. beware people, i will be dressed appropriately.. meaning i will be wearing tudung.. :) i said to myself tat if i were to go out frm my house i will be covering my aurat.. hahaha.. i juz feel like wearing tudung tmr n it is my first time goin to geylang during the fasting mnth.. :) confirm ramai orang sey takpelah bulan ramadhan.. semua orang nak beli barang untuk hari raya.. [oopss!! sorie for those hu didnt understand tat.. :)] aniwae, my niece came my house at 9.30pm+.. the first thing i did was to carry her n toss her arnd like roti prata.. hahaha.. no lah.. i hugged her.. made funny faces to her n use her face to make funny faces.. chase her arnd the house n made her laugh like nobody biz.. her laughter is addictive.. hahaha.. i love her so much.. kakak n abg wan bought "tahue" frm jollibean.. thx.. it was very delicious.. my chocolate cupcakes are gone.. hehehe.. i mean finished!! everyone got to taste my cupcake n they said it was very nice.. one day i wanna bake it again n let u try k.. hehehe... i dunno todae im gonna sleep wat time coz for the past few months i have been sleeping at 3am.. i juz cant close my eyes.. i juz wanna take sleeping pill..hehehe.. not gooh for health ah.. nvr mind lah.. weehee.. i added a lot of frenz for my facebook, i actually didnt wan to add anyone but i feel tat its much better to add people.. hahaha.. im worth 2million+ on owned! i dunno the guy hu bought my pic for 2million.. crazy man... i think he got too much money lah to spare me.. hehehe.. :) tats all for now people.. look out for tmr post coz confirm got a lot of pics.. TODDLESS!!! TAKE CARE!!! :)

*22 more days.. should i accept or not??hmmm....

--Merci tout le monde--
11:24:00 PM

Saturday, September 6, 2008
hello my pretty n gorgeous people.. im feeling HAPPY n THIRSTY todae.. hmm.. thirsty bcoz i had dance prac todae frm 10am - 3.3opm coz were practicing for 2 pieces for PENTAS.. i woke at 10.15am thanks to fika for calling me n i reach dance prac at 11am.. :) i thought i was goin to be scolded or wat but notin happened.. oh ya, SNT now have a new rule, if u're late for dance prac by 15 mins u hav to pay $1, OMG!!! CRAZY-NESS!! they r doin tiz bcoz they wan us to be early n i juz wanna say tat it doesnt work.. coz those hu are usually late are the SENIORS!!! wateva lah.. i dun care.. i thought i have to pay $4 to mai but they didnt care.. so i also cant be bothered.. todae dina didnt come... she's funny man.. tradi n contemp piece are LOVE!!! SERIOUSLY!!! i LOVE it... so fun but tiring OF COZ!!! wanted to take a sip of water juz to wet my throat but cant coz was FASTING!! hehehe.. after the dance help dian to take out weaves by pulling it frm her hair.. felt pity for her coz it was painful to take out.. her extensions are so REAL tat u wont notice tat it is actually hair extension.. even AMIN didnt notice.. KWAKWAKWA!! oh ya, thn i wen to afghan to look for cupcake paper cases coz i wan to make chocolate cupcake and
I DID!!! it was superb.. very delicious.. to add more flavours i coated the cupcake wif lots of nutella!!! very nice.. made arnd 32 cupcakes and i ate arnd 5.. still got sum left in the fridge.. gonna eat i later.. weehee.. i gonna make it again one day coz all the ingredients are available in my kitchen.. hehehe.. hmmm.. tats abt it people.. take care k especially YOU!!.. TODDLESS!!

--Merci tout le monde--
10:50:00 PM

love the weather.
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
hello peeps.. i love the weather.. its pouring everydae n it makes me wanna sleep more.. i have a new msg tone which is very irritating.. i feel like throwing my phone.. hahaha.. noisy!!! but noisy is good.. hahax.. oh ya, the weather makes me soo sleepy tat i juz wanna stay in bed n not waking up.. i woke up at 2pm todae coz i slept late yesterdae.. the shows todae are quite boring.. i love the 9pm chinese show.. the baby is soo cute.. i love to look at babies.. they are so adorable.. hahax.. :) adrian pang is a good actor.. i nvr see him act in chinese drama before.. very funny.. yesterdae i ate a tub of chocolate ice cream bought by kak fiza.. its the walls italian gelato nochiolia.. very DELICIOUS!!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! k lah peeps.. gotta go now... TODDLESS!! :)

*27 more days to go

--Merci tout le monde--
9:43:00 PM

28 more days to go
hello peeps.. todae is the second dae of the fasting month.. i dunno y tiz year i dun feel like im fasting its like the my normal meal.. as u may know, i cant take breakfast n i only eat whn im hungry.. im usually hungry at 5pm but now i have to wait a lil longer till 7.09pm for my meal.. its like a normal dae to me.. i suddenly dun feel like eating rice.. usually in the morning, my mum will cook rice so in order not to disappoint her i juz eat a little n go to my room.. wait for subuh, i pray n go to sleep.. wake up at arnd 12.30pm, bathe n take care of nurin.. hahaha.. tats all i do now.. i dun normally switch on my comp, i only switch it on at midnite coz i cant sleep.. my CRAPPY fren is away on holidae n i dun wanna disturb him.. :) im juz waiting for the dance practice every saturdae.. oh ya, todae i wen to sembahyang terawih.. so FUN!!! wen wif my younger siz at blk 286 tamp st 22.. quite a lot of ppl.. i thought there wasnt so much muslimah but i was wrong.. hehehe.. gonna go sembahyang again tmr.. i love praying in the month of ramadhan.. praying kinda energize me.. LOVE IT!! hahaha.. to all those hu are fasting, its better to pray while u fast coz its much more meaningful.. HAPPY FASTING PEOPLE!! :)

*28 more days to go till hari raya.. wooohooo.... & i have a new hobby.. facebook-ing.. hahax.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
12:37:00 AM

Monday, September 1, 2008
hello peeps!!! woohoo!!! sentosa outing was LOVE!!! it is so damn fun.. seriously!!!! had a blast wif everyone.. my siz work mates are so damn funny.. we can click man.. very fun and hilarious!!! took the sentosa express from vivocity, stop at beach station, took the luge skyride, play beach volleyball n soccer, had a picnic by the beach.. FUN,FUN,FUN!!! hmmm.. i noe u wanna take a look at the pics rite?? hahaha.. k lah.. i juz let the pics do the talking.. :) TODDLESS!!! LOVE THE HOT WEATHER!!! :)

click here>> http://10llipop.multiply.com/photos/album/20/Sentosa_Outing

--Merci tout le monde--
1:03:00 AM


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