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did practice papers.. hehehe..
Thursday, February 19, 2009
hey there.. yup, im busy that's why i didnt blog for these few days.. anyways, i did a few practice papers for my calculus test tiz fri (tomorrow!!) and i dont normally do that.. maybe because i've got time to spare in between my papers that's why i wen to do the practice papers.. did 1 everyday to refresh my mind of what i have studied for these past few days.. haha.. so far, so good.. all the papers were manageable.. i just check the answers on vbus and they were a few careless mistake that i need to take note of.. hmm.. other that that, oh ya, tiz sat is zana's bade and we are celebrating it at my siz house.. i think im going to buy him things that is related to disney princess coz she always ask why my calculator got disney princess sticker, why my computer for disney princess cover, hahaha.. i think i might have influence her.. hehe.. maybe after my test tmr, i will go to the shop nearby tp to find her present.. i have got bills to pay and i kinda lazy to get out of the house.. weehee.. try to do it by fri i guess and yes, i will be sleeping at my siz house frm fri till sun i guess.. woohoo.. holiday but actually haven yet coz my next paper is on the 27th feb so all the best to me! :) tats all for now alrite will update as and when i like.. TODDLESS & TAKE CARE!!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
4:04:00 PM

dian production:nadi..
Saturday, February 14, 2009
hey peeps!!! guess wat?!!! school's over & time to study for 2 papers on 20th feb & 26th feb!! after these 2 papers im FREE!!! call me if u wanna go out or sumtin but let me check my schedule first in case of clashing with other event.. tmr is V DAY!! & i got chocs from my galfren.. love you soooo much.. thx for the tolberone gal.. i hope you like the strawberry sweetheart i bought you.. :) BIG GRIN!!! i just love chocs and to think that she actually bought wat i wanted.. we got this telepathic thing***.. where she kinda knows wat i want and i kinda know wat she wants.. or is it just plain coincidence??? hmmm.. i guess not!! we are inter-link in our mind ya noe.. hehhe.. aniwaes, happy valentine day galfren.. i wish you all the happiness with your **BF**.. dun forget to invite me if u get married during the holiday or sumtin.. hehehe.. :)

ok,ok.. back to my story.. i wen to the dian dancers production :NADI and it was awesome!!! LOVE IT!!! i SERIOUSLY didnt want it to end and i juz love the kelembutan and the "gagahness" of the dancers.. i was very happy to see aishah dancing so happily.. she look so sweet on the stage.. and yes, ABG AMIN!! GREAT OR WAT?!!! it was my first time seeing him dancing on stage with his dance mates and it was totally awesome!! tak terkata.. i was yelling ppl names all the way and supporting my alumnis.. looking at cipah dancing with the "lenggok" wow! so BEAU-TIFUL!!! i was really2 happy.. i hope the duration of the production would be longer coz it just wasnt enough for me.. maybe coz i wanted to see lots of dance pieces.. CONGRATS to ABG YAZID & all the DIAN DANCERS for putting up such a FANTASTIC SHOW!! it was so much fun... you should be there watching and you can noe how i felt.. :) ABG AMIN tetap VOGUE after a few accidents on stage.. TETAP MAINTAIN... :) i cant believe that he is leaving us so soon but i hope he will return home after finishing his studies.. keep in touch ok abg amin.. i'll always use the same number so just contact me thru my phone, email, facebook, friendster, multiply and lots more... hehehe.. im REACHABLE!!! :)

hmmm.. i guess i will end my post here coz i wanna play sketching now.. im addicted to it.. :)

click here>>> PHOTOS!!

--Merci tout le monde--
12:09:00 AM

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
hey!!! im feeling overjoyed rite now coz there's no more deadlines that i have to meet coz i finished wat i had to do.. last week it was a terrible week but tiz week im so FREE!! ok, lets cut to the chase.. hmm.. abg amin's farewell party on 7/02/2009 went very well even though of some technical glitches coz the cds they're using wasnt compatible with the cd player.. lucky there was a back up plan.. which was the laptop and amplifier.. :) i heard from my frenz(frm other sub grps) that our skit potraying abg amin's antics was really2 funny and enjoyable.. thk god.. we came up with that idea 2 days b4 the real day.. everyone was nervous especially my ASGH AISHAH! hahaha.. she's so cute and the way she told the story was like a kids show on SURIA.. hahaha.. aniwaes, received a very nice letter frm abg amin and i noe that he put in a lot of effort to do the cards for almost 40 ppl.. THANKS SO MUCH ABG AMIN!! :)

hmmm, next.. oh ya.. i went to the swimming pool located at FARMWAY at anchorvale on the 8/02/2009.. it wasnt a full indoor swimming, it was only half indoor.. the slides were terrific and the place was huge!! so fun.. masya was quite afraid to get in the water coz the water was really cold.. so she juz put her leg in the water.. hahaha.. mayb becoz it has been a long time since she went to the swimming pool.. hahaha.. nxt time we go again alrite.. hehehe.. after swimming, we wen back home, kak aysah & my siz cooked up a meal for us.. the meal consists of, black pepper chicken, sambal kangkong & fried omellette with cheese.. and to top it off, it goes well with a peach sparkling juice.. woohoo.. it was YUMMY!!! hahaha.. LOVE IT!!

on the 9/02/2009, i had my interview roleplay.. alhamdullilah.. it went very well indeed.. lucky for me, the teacher ask qns that i roughly noe she will ask me.. like the challenges i faced during my internship(that i had to lie abt coz i haven do my SIP yet) and wat are my 5 year goals.. i was very happy whn the interview ended coz COMM SKILL 2 is over!! weeheee!! soo happy that i accompanied my fren till she finish her interview.. hahaha..

today, i woke up late (as usual) and arrived 30mins late for revision lect.. hahaha.. everyone looked at me but i just smiled.. :) after that, had lunch wif kristen & teck wee and at 1pm i had erm lab. the tutor gave us our lab quiz and i passed! 16/20.. hahaha.. i thought i was going to fail.. i got a certificate from the tutor for passing the quiz.. hehehe.. only those who scored 13 and above got it.. it was kinda sad for those hu scored 12 coz they need to retake the quiz.. good luck guys! hmm.. i guess thats all for now.. i will update regularly if i can.. :) TODDLESSS!!


--Merci tout le monde--
8:39:00 PM

im free!!!!
Friday, February 6, 2009
hey guys.... i finished all my exams for tiz week... im happy and im free!!! i dun have soo much things to think abt right now except for tmr small event for dearest abg amin.. hehehe.. shall not talk abt it now.. after the event then i cerita okey... :) aniwae, todae i had my dm presentation at 9am and my grp was last to present so we waited till 11.30am! fish & chips man!!! i really2 hate it man.. after that was my comm skill test.. ALHAMDULILLAH!! all that i studied came out.. feel so fortunate.. the last thing that i have in my schedule would be my interview role play on mon.. wish me all the best okey.. i juz hope everything will go smoothly.. :) lucky no need to buy new heels coz rite now im using wedges, and the teacher said wedges are not allowed, so i showed her my wedges juz now, n she say it was fine.. safe sikit duit... :) oh ya, still got to buy presents for my siz bdae and my "god" lil siz.. so many February babies.. hmmm.. oh ya, on sun im goin to the anchorvale indoor swimming pool wif my niece and my family.. woohooo!! im sooo lovin every minute of my life! :) thank god.. ok thn people.. gtg now.. wanna prepare sumtin for tmr.. TODDLESS!!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
7:19:00 PM

addicted to the new song..
Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Lyric - "Selamanya"

Kuharap mentari pagi, tak menyambutku
Kuharap sinar rembulan, tutup mataku... selamanya
Sejak kau pergi, tinggalkan bumi, tinggalku di sini

Turunkan matahari
Usir bintang-bintang
Putarkan utara ke selatan
Untuk apa lagi semuanya

Ambillah jiwa retak ini, ku tak ingin lagi
Putuskan ari-ari bumi, aku ingin pergi
Menuju abadi...selamanya

u shld noe wat song this is.. hehehehe.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
11:03:00 PM

a very packed week!!
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
hey gorgeous.... soorry for not updating lately coz im soo bz.. yes... freaking bzzz with dance and school.. have exams everyday and dance performance tiz sat.. omg!! i juz hope everything goes smoothly and i hope i can study in time for my exams.. gooo, nura!!! you can do it.. (i hope so).. i kinda sprained my neck mayb coz i sleep wrongly yesterday.. salah bantal lah.. can turn my head to the right very quickly coz it hurts.. have to rotate my head everyday now.. hehe.. today i got lab quiz, lucky it was open book so no need to study, tmr calculus assignment 2 & cds(fun H&Tb) final test, dance prac for gempita & drama.. thurs, dance prac for collaboration wif eeza & bedah & gempita.. fri, summative test for comm skill & dm presentation & baking.. sat the DAY for passover and farewell to dearest abg amin!! mon, have interview role play for comm skill.. now u see how pack i am! i juz wish that the days will just forward till tues but sadly it cant.. so i have to remain calm to undergo all this.. insya'allah with the help of my frenz and families im able to do it.. wish me all the best k ppl.. TODDLESSS... :)

* siz's open house was a success.. it was really fun..

--Merci tout le monde--
12:55:00 PM


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