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rowdy rough me...
Monday, April 19, 2010
hellozzz.... wanna noe sumtin peeps??? today, i had a REALLY rough morning BUT i did have a fantastic night... eh, wrong channel.. hahaha... back to the story... yup, rough morning... if u noe me i dun walk slow eventhou ppl THINK i walk slow, i dont unless im BLOATED... so, i was walking really fast and the ground was wet and i was wearing platform while msg-ing my fren n listening to my mp3... yup! too much multi tasking!! and as i walk n walked really fast, i didnt notice a BIG rock in my path so i step on it and YES!!! i FELLLLLLLLLLLL........... DOWN, DOWN, DOWN i go.... so paisey........ thn, there's this guy hu help me up, thx u stranger n handed me a tissue COZZZZZ i bruise my nose!!! ARGH!!! hate it to the MAX!!! now, i have an effing scar on my nose that reminded of my pri sch days..

during my pri sch days, the day before i started skul, i played block catching wif my cousins and i feel on the drain near the rubbish chute and yup... i bruise my nose... BADLY!! imagine.. ur first day of skul and at the age of 7 yrs, while you wanna make new frenz at skul the first thing they looked at is your NOSE!!! hahaha... so embarrassing right??!!! so, i was quite embarrassed wen my colleague asked me wat happen.. all i do is cover my nose wif a tissue, i actually wanted to buy a nose plaster but i think i will definitely look weird.. thx to "u noe hu u r", for calling me red nose reindeer... thanks sooo much...

oh yes, lunch was terrible... i should have eaten sumtin else.. i did try to finish it but i couldnt coz was too full... so wen i step in the office, all i could think off is to vomit it out coz i wasnt feeling too good after tat... i couldnt burp and everytime i tried, the food just wanna explode from my mouth in other words i wanna vomit and so i did.. (soorryyy.. a bit disgusting here... ) i let go everything even the tasty bandung.. all my vomit was pink in colour and there were kway teow everywhr... eewwwww..... so disgusting... kk.. i shall stop the vomiting now! ahaha... n i wen back to my desk and drink plain water and ate sour skittles which i gave everyone n i was happy wen i see thm squint.. HAHAHA!!!! the sourness takes my mind away from vomiting again so thnk you skittles.. i can see that my colleague was rather concern abt my well being but dun worry "makcik", im fine... tank u for the warm water... it helps... :)

now, i just finish putting on minyak gamat on my nose.. i hope the bruise will be gone soon... i hate this part right here........hahaha... *singing the song*... :) ok lah peeps.. i wanna go n wrap sum stuff... TODDLESSS!!!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
9:47:00 PM

A one day event on 17/04/10
Sunday, April 18, 2010
hello hello baby!!! :) i seriously have to blog abt this!!! so as stated in the title, today's post is goin to be about 17/04/10... i thought it was going to be another saturday whr i spent my time wif my family BUT!!!!! it wasnt!!!!!!!!!!!!! i woke up at 11am and surf the net.. while surfing, received a msg from my siz asking if i wanna join her coz today, my bro in law gonna bring the car out for a ride so i said YES!!! my bro in law fetch us at arnd 3pm and headed to pasir ris for my cousin wedding.. it was a small affair but it was nice.. i like the bride, so sweet looking.. :) and the weather, OMG!!! raining like there's no tmr!!! lucky there's a car so it cant stop us.. hehehe... thn we headed to bro in law fren open house at tampines, the house was so PRETTY!!!! very gorgeous... the theme, red,black and white...

thn we wen back home to change clothes, coz we're going IKEA after that... so at arnd 8pm we headed to IKEA to look at the mirrors coz my bro in law thought of placing mirrors in the house... so after surveying (suddenly rememberd my BFF! hehehe... ) the mirrors, we went to go n eat at Lagoon east coast.. oh, we did pick my siz bf from his house before going to IKEA.. :) thn after eating, wen to play BOWLING!!!!! woohooo... it has been such a long time since i step into the bowling arena... it was my siz treat.. each of us play 2 games.. the first game, i and my bro won coz we tagged team.. :) thn the second game, it was a close called btwn my siz bf, faritz and my elder siz, 1 point difference.. the winner was faritz... :) n yes, the dinner was sponsored by faritz.. THANK YOU!!! so we finish bowling at arnd 3AM, thn my bro in law asked us if we wanna go anywhr else, my siz thn said y not we go PRAWNING????

thn i was like HELL YEAH!!!! baik per?!!!! gerek giler ah hari nie... thn we wen down to pasir ris farmway and do some prawning!!!! hehehhe... i must say that my siz was an expert in prawning, wen she let the rod down, after a few mins, she caught a very big prawn wif a long pincer... so exciting right??!!!! so after prawning at abt 4.30 am, i thought we were goin to bring back the prawns BUT..... ended up we bbq the prawn there n thn...... we had prawn for breakfast which was at arnd 5.50am thn we headed back home... first my bro in law, send my siz back hom
e, thn faritz thn us.. by the time i reach home, it was alrdy 6.30am... it was such a great day and i would nvr forget it... i wanna thank my ELDER siz for asking me out, my bro in law for driving us arnd, my niece for making me laugh, faritz for the dinner, my siz for paying for the prawning and bowling..... thank you everyone for making my day so wonderful....... :) ok lah.. gtg now... TODDLESS!!!

Ps: to bff; thx for picking up the fon n talking to me in the wee hours...

--Merci tout le monde--
6:40:00 PM

Monday, April 12, 2010
hello hello baby!!!! hahaha!!! how are you doin man?? fine?? im fine thank you!! anyways, i have officially bring back my BANGS look!! after much thought bcoz if u noe me very well, u shld noe i hate to put fringe or hair in front of my face and that's y i always have a bobby pin or hair clip wif me.. hehehe... so, i shall put myself to the test and have tiz look again.. once, i asked my siz to cut it for me and i will trim it myself, yesterdae, i wen to the salon downstairs and had it (my hair) cut!! hahaha.. tiz was after the wedding performance at bedok.. had a really awesome time wif the dance pieces and as usual the costume and make up were superb!!! hehehe... i had some trouble wif my foundation but with the help of zya n my siz, i manage to look great.. hehehe... i really love the black glitter which belongs to raudhah.. im soooo gonna get it soon!!

oh ya, there's a new guy in town AGAIN, named alif & he stay at tampines.. the rest of the details not known yet bcoz have not wen out to lunch wif him and talk.. sumtin i have to share, having bangs is not easy coz if it goes out of place, you look funny, if its too perfect you also look funny so you have to continually adjusting your bangs to suit urself... i shall say that i look DARK wif the bangs or mayb due to the eyeliner i wore today so no more eye liner for me.. and guess wat??!!!! today i started work at 8.30am and guess wat time i reach............. 7.55am!!! im was DAMN early and this was due to the change of transport means.. i took the mrt instead of the bus and yup! it was so much faster so now i have more time to sleep.. hehehe.. i shall wake up at 6.50am tmr... WOOHOOO!!!! thx BFF for the help!!! :) i luv you!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
8:44:00 PM

Monday, April 5, 2010
hello2!! oh sorry.. i told you i'll update you abt my diet right??? so here it goes.. my starting weight was 55 kg and now im 51kg.. so i drop 4 kgs from the one week diet.. i didnt follow it strictly for the 6th - 7th day.. hehehe.. was too excited to eat.. hahaha.. anyway, im quite happy with the kilos i shed and now im back with the diet after 1 week of not dieting.. tiz time, its not one week, its kind of alternate days for me.. i wanna reach my wanted weight 48 or 49kg but i think its abit of the underweight side for me so lets us just see okey..

work has been tiring and yup, everyday confirm got work to do.. my leg is aching now due to my pumps that have been hidden from me all this while.. it was under the bed.. i guess, tmr i gonna bring slipper to work and my dearest gingerbread pillow.. hehehe... i have a new BFF now at work.. u noe hu u are so i shall not say who.. hehehe... :) it was nice having a fren at work hu understands how you feel inside out..

im soo happy that i met you coz w/o you i guess coming to work wouldnt be tat fun rite?!! (vice-versa) hehehe... ok lah.. i wanna go n bathe now.. TODDLESS!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
6:40:00 PM


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