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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
hey peeps.. guess wat?! it has been happening for a few weeks now.. u wannoe noe wat?? its my EYE!! it keeps twitching.. my LEFT eye! it so irritating and scary at the same time.. wen i look at something or just walking or talking to someone my eye will start twitching like nobody business.. i thought others couldnt see it, BUT wen i look at the mirror, it was OBVIOUS.. so irritating..

i kinda ask my frenz, wat does it mean?? they say its BAD luck.. thn i was like huh?! thn they say, dont be superstitious.. isnt they're the ones that told me its bad luck? thn they say that.. funny rite? so, i ask my another fren.. she say, maybe you're just TOO tired.. i think that a better explanation right.. so she ask me to msg my eye, and at that moment of time, i was having lesson and the teacher was looking at me massaging my eye.. she ask wat happen? me being me.. i just tell her my LOOONNNGGG story.. and she goes OHHHH.... thx eh.. tak perlu..

it is still twitching now as i type.. im kinda worried coz im scared if one my eye vessels burst or wat.. *touch WOOD*.. hehehe.. im just scaring myself i guess.. so, to put a STOP to my NONSENSE!, i did RESEARCH! sanggup jugak buat research.. hahaha.. so here it goes..

The common reasons for eye twitching are stress (i think mine is bcoz of THIS!), chronic fatigue, and even anxiety among other reasons. The bottom line is different people have an eye twitch for different reasons. With a common, occasional eye twitch, you don't need to worry about treating it. It will stop eventually on its own and all you have to do is wait. If you experience eye twitching rather often you should try to relax more. If this doesn't work you might look into other more serious reasons for this frequent twitch.

There are cases of eye twitching being linked to a more serious condition and there are ways to look out for this. Eye twitching occurring with a fever or those that hurt or are uncomfortable are signs you should see your doctor. Also any eye twitches that make your eye fully close or twitches that last more than a week are among more reasons to consult your doctor.

A majority of the time eye twitches are common and normal and can be relieved simply by reducing your stress. Ensure you are getting plenty of rest, consider relaxation techniques to help eliminate your stress. If you stare at a computer screen all day you should ensure that you are taking breaks often so that your eyes can rest. Eye twitching is just another normal and quite common condition that millions of people endure every day.

and here are the cures for eye twitching..

When taken in the context of eye twitching general fatigue means a collection of things. Fatigue, stress, intense physical or mental labor, illness, etc all contribute to general fatigue. If you’re feeling tired and run down identify the causes and try to get away from them even if it’s just for a short while. A lot of the time we can’t just walk away from our lives but we all need a break sometimes. If you’re looking for specific treatments for this you need to think about what’s causing your fatigue and treat that. There is a Fatigue and stress section below this with treatments.

Relax Mind & Body

You really just need to relax and let your body recover from whatever you’ve been putting it through. There are many different things you could do to relax yourself. Find a new hobby, go on a vacation, etc. It’s really up to you but you need to take a short break from your lifestyle if the amount of work doing is causing things like eye twitching.
Balance Work & Fun

If the amount of work in your life is causing you to become so tired and fatigued that you’re suffering from eye twitches then you should resolve the situation causing it. This might be anything from changing your work schedule, hiring someone to clean your house so you don’t have to, finding a new career, etc. Anything to free up more time for you to relax and lessen the amount of stress you’re placing on your body every day.

so what's your verdict on my research?? i think it gives me a brief explanation of wat is going on with my eye and its normal.. :) btw, i didnt noe that eye twitch has an organisation of its own.. hahha.. im gonna go put cucumber on my eye now.. TODDLESS!!

ref: http://eye-twitch.org/

--Merci tout le monde--
9:46:00 PM

as usual it was us again..
Sunday, January 24, 2010
had a presentation for FYP in the morning yesterday to inform and update our supervisor about our project.. my heart is beating so fast coz this thursday will be the FINAL presentation for FYP.. AH!!!!!! im scared and happy at the same time.. hehehe..

after that, i had dance training wif SNT and i really enjoyed the training Abg.. you have thought us so well to become such capable dancers and we will continue to grow wif the help of ur bestie.. hehehe.. after the surprise, we head on to GRANDLINK for our karaoke session.. it was suppose to be everyone but end up its the usual.. not to be sad or anything but i really wish that everyone could come and enjoy the GREAT time i had wif the clique-5.. of coz bitching is a must for girls and even uncles & aunties wanna join in the conversation in the bus.. HAHAHAHA...

anyway, to u-noe-hu, i kinda regret putting ur name on the paper after i heard so much crazy stuff about u that i really wish didnt happen BUT it DID! and please, wen you say forgive-n-forget, do mean it coz i dun think you mean any single word u say.. i still remember wat you wrote and im not as petty as you who keep on talking about the same person over and over again.. im glad to not have you as my * or else i will just die.. gd luck to the rest of thm who still need to layan you.. thank GOD is OVER for me! WOOHOO!!!

*hu would hav thought that someone dedicated this to me.. HAHAHA!!!


--Merci tout le monde--
6:53:00 PM

Sneak Peek of Moi Life
Friday, January 22, 2010
Hey peeps.. Yes, i have been missing again and i have a reason for this.. I have been wanting to write down all these things but i dun have the time to do so bcoz of school assignments & FYP!! im gonna start this post with memories of the people whom i have lost during the past few months..

i have been hearing a lot of bad news that happen to my friends and family.. first of all, the lost of my friend's father really shock me.. i didnt noe wat to do to comfort my fren but i was there to give her a few words of encouragement to continue to be strong as she is now.. next, was the lost of a grandmother whom i regard as my own.. i didnt have the time to visit her but i know that she is well taken of now.. thn came the news of my neighbor's son.. it was really shocking coz the day before he left, me and my siz saw him walking pass the corridor and we didnt noe that it was the last memory of us with him.. we use to be so close during primary school when we played block-catching together.. i still remember how we use to laugh and play everyday after school.. i wanna say takziah to his friends and family whom loved him dearly.. lastly, was the lost of my aunt.. this was more shocking coz before she passed on, i wen to visit her at her house and i kissed her forehead and said everything that i wanna say in my heart.. the next day, we got the news that she have left us.. god loves her more thus it was her time..

apart from all the bad news, there was also good news.. this cannot be told to anyone yet so i shall not expose any secrets.. i really enjoyed myself during the PDC 2010 and i felt so loved by my fellow dance mates.. they really made a difference in my life especially my two best friends that i made during my time in SNT..

right now, my day is packed with 4 projects, 1 FYP and the other 3 are my electives.. my FYP is due on the 28/01/10 which is this coming thursday and the rest is due on 1/02/10.. after which, im left which MYM and graduation night.. i dunno where i wanna go but i do know that im continuing my studies.. its just that im not sure which degree i wanna take.. i have not been exploring the degree that is available out there but it would have to be associated with business and not IT.. im not saying that im BAD at IT, im a BIT better in BUS.. by taking this diploma, it kind of open my eyes to both worlds to see which it suitable for me.. if you happen to know of any degree that is good (and yes, im wanna take a degree in S'pore and not abroad) do tag on my tagboard ok.. i really wish you could help me make a few decisions in my life.. thanks once again guys for your time..


--Merci tout le monde--
9:43:00 PM


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