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skul have juz started..
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
ello.. actuallie, it has been 2 weeks of skul and i dun have time to blog my heart out.. aniwae, i join a new class now and made new frenz.. but i still like my laz yr frenz.. u kinda stick to ur yr one frenz coz u r more close to thm.. met sum of the yr 1 frenz during lecture and had lunch together with galfren only on mon.. SOOOO BORING!!!

there were more malay classmates tiz yr as compared to laz year.. sum of my classmates tiz yr r so damn quite like a mouse.. hahaha.. oh ya btw, im here to upload pictures as i noe my siz n her colleague will be lookin at it.. ( HI KAK JULIANA!!!) hahaha.. ok thn.. let the pics do the talkin for ainul's 1st bdae..

the chicken wings..

the dad and son..

ok guys.. tats all the pics tat i upload for now.. nxt post will upload the rest.. kinda tired now.. wanna go sleep okey.. bubbye..

--Merci tout le monde--
11:26:00 PM

recap for the paz week...
Thursday, April 17, 2008
ello evrione.. here wat i did the paz few days.. juz yesterdae, i wen out wif my siz, siz fren and sufia to harbour front centre to redeem a give from mothercare.. OMG!!! the place was so huge.. REALLY HUGE!! since my siz was kinda shy to ask the people there whether there is still stocks for the redemption therefore, I HAVE to ask.. hahaha.. sufia got a new walking bug tat cost $36.. she likes to play with it bcoz of the light.. since she haven learn how to properly walk, that bug will only be used wen she can walk on her own.. hahaha..

for the past few days sat at home and wen to a bbq at caleb's house.. not all were there, sum hu i didnt wan 2 c was also there.. u guys should noe hu ah.. u can always refer to my older posts to noe.. confirm u're a kepo if u did tat.. hahaha.. it was loads of fun and i got to eat stingray cook by liao and the chef of the dae, CALEB.. oh ya btw, HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY CALEB!! May god bless u with all the wonderful things in life and may you have a great day ahead of u.. here are sum pics of the bbq...

hehehe.. btw, in the one in purple cardigan.. i sms my fren abt my ohter fren and he replied to me at 3am!! ong.. it shocked me n i cant sleep after tat.. i was on night shift yesterdae and im tired now bcoz of only 3 hours of sleep.. my niece wasnt as difficult as i thought she could be bcoz i feel tat she was really tired and she only woke up once for milk and her eyes were closed wen she was drinkin it.. hahaha.. alrite2.. tats all for todae.. im goin to check my timetable now.. hope im in the same class as my galfren.. tata.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
9:51:00 AM

happy and bored..
Monday, April 7, 2008
hello peeps.. i feelin bored rite now coz there's no interesting show on tv.. stupid football.. i only watch man united.. i a BIG fan of thm.. aniwae, i watch their match juz now wif middlebrough and it was a draw at the laz 10 mins.. ronaldo (my fav player) scored the first goal and the second goal was scored by rooney.. the ball was passed by park.. u're the saver man.. but, midd. tied wif manu 2-2.. both scored by afonso and he was man of the match.. like duh... i cant for next week match btwn arsenal and man united.. tiz i got to watch by hook or by crook.. its the match of the season and you have to watch it too!!!

hahaha.. oh ya.. me n my mum wen to parkway parade todae and bought sum things for sum ppl.. bought toys for ainul's bdae, i eventually bought a new slipper.. bought another pillow, a thermos, clothes for my bro, undergarment for my dad (hehehe, so obscene), necklace for me and clothes for my niece too.. it's so damn cute, if only u guys can see it.. hahahaha... my galfren bdae coming out, i bought her gift already and i goin to buy wrapping paper tml.. hope she like my present.. well, tml im goin out wif mum again to buy my skul bag.. hahaha.. hmmmmm.. seems like tats all i have to say now.. bubbye!!!

PS: thank you mummy for buying me a new slipper.. *muacks* hehehe...

--Merci tout le monde--
12:50:00 AM


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Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
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