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Friday, July 31, 2009

today is my last day of attachment.. woohoo & sad at the same time... gonna mizz all my colleagues here!! i made them a card each and gave them sumthing for them to use while working here.. :) hope they like the gift.. hehehe.. anyway, today my DEAR boss, blanja the whole team eat at an indian muslim restaurant near the changi village 7-eleven.. the food was nice i really enjoyed myself.. he gave us a speech and then everyone else gave a touching speech especially my supervisor.. oh ya! it was my first time hearing jun liang voice coz he is always so quiet!! but im happy that for once he could express himself.. he was funny man.. to start his short speech, he said,,,,"for you who dont know my name, i am jun liang".. HAHAHA!! the whole table laughed especially me!! hehehe.. funny guy.. i do hope that he could become more extrovert like everyone else in my team.. most of my team mates are leaving, some goin to be working at another company while some wants to continue their studies.. i do wish all of them the best of luck.. hmm.. i guess thats all for now.. going swimming later.. my last day of work what!! hahaha.. TODDLESS & TAKE CARE!!

ps: i dunno wen to give "it".. :)


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3:53:00 PM

yup.. we were bored..
Friday, July 17, 2009
this is us when mr goh and luke were discussing about the programme list.. hahaha... enjoy.. more pics on facebook.. hahaha!!!

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1:18:00 PM


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
hi guys... guess wat?!!! my team at work had a surprise bdae cake for me at 4.50pm!!! im seriously shocked!!! i wanted to cry but i hold back my tears.. hehehe... so nice of everyone... i shall let the pics do the talking coz my hands are tired typing the prev post.. hahaha...

my cake..
my face showing surprised!!
singing happy bdae time..

blowing time..
happy me..
cutting cake..
yummy yummy!!
me and florence..
li ning(supervisor), me and luke (boss)
us again..
florence, siti and me..
me and jun liang..

when i reach home yesterday, i receive a present from shereen and abg.. they gave me my make up, everyday minerals.. so sweet of them.. they told me that they did not have any ideas what to buy for me so they decided to give me make up.. hahaha... so cute..

at 9pm, my galfren called me and ask me where i stay coz she want to pass me my present.. i told her that on sat she can give me but she say i will be happier if i receive it on my bdae.. so sweet of her to come down to my place after work.. thx galfren!! i love you!! (she gave me a spag strap from MNG, the design is so pretty its like a corset.. hehehe.. cant wait to wear it.. :)

i receive a msg from my buddy wishing me happy bdae to me and saying that he will pass me my present tmr night.. so nice of him... thx buddy!!

my 20th bdae party is so wonderful and i shall nvr forget my day today, the same goes to all my 19 birthdays.. hehehe... thank you evryone.. i love all of you from the bottom of heart (adapted from the late MJ)..

thats all folks!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
5:18:00 PM

hey there... its my birthday today.. yes, im 20 if u guys are wondering.. Anyway, to start off my post im going to rewind from last sat till today.. Last sat i had dance trainin at skul and after that i followed my fren, atikah to tamp interchange coz she wants to take birthday cake for her fren.. so we were walking at isetan at i looked at a few t-shirts that were so appealing thus i decided to try it on.. it looked good but i dun think i wanted to buy so i put it back.. my dear fren, atikah decided to buy it for me for my birthday!! oh my!! i seriously dun see that coming.. thank you babe! i love it!!

so after that i headed to my sis home at sengkang and whn i enter the house, the house is decorated with balloons and silly me thought it was someone else bdae party.. so i just ate everything on the table.. while watching tv, my siz came out with a bdae cake in her hand and my family sang happy bdae song... im touched!!! it as an advance bdae party for me.. so sweet of everyone.. hehehe.. after cutting the cake, i got presents from my niece and my siz.. my niece gave me a coco crunch cereal (she ended up eating it; she just 1yr 11mnths..), my siz gave me an alphabet handphone keychain and a pair of earrings.. thank you!!! thn, my siz's neighbour gave me a box of 24 ferrero rocher chocoate.. we ate it while watching harry potter and the chamber of secret.. i ate it like popcorn and so did everyone.. hahaha..

on mon, i got an email saying that someone has written on my wall (facebook).. it was the kakak at my workplace, she wished me happy advance bdae and she bought me sumtin.. so kind of her to do so... yesterday, my siz family came over and i met my fren, farhanah... whn i went inside my room, i saw a black box saying happy 20th bdae and that is from my bro-in-law.. so nice of him.. i decided to open it the next day which is today

so today is the day, my birthday.. to start the day off, i open the black box and saw a diva necklace and a bracelet.. both are so pretty.. i decided to wear the bracelet to work.. i also receive msgs from my tp and sec frenzzz wishing me happy bdae... hehehe.. at work, i got a big great hug from my dear fren, mira.. thn, kak salmi and kak zaridah treat me breakfast at the cafeteria.. i thn receive a birthday present from her (haven open yet!).. i told my mira that today during lunch i want to go to changi airport to get myself a double chocolate frappe and to redeem a double choc frappe coz its my bdae!! hehe.. so we sat sail at 12pm..

we took bus 19 and stop and loyang ave.. we thn cross the bridge and took bus 53... so we were in the bus for 40mins whn we realized that we were heading the wrong way.. we were heading to BISHAN INT!!! so we stop at hougang and cross the road and took bus 53 back to where we aloght bus 19.. by the time we reach changi airport it was alrdy 1.40pm!! hahaha.. we are dead!! only 20 mins left till the end of lunch time which was at 2pm.. so we went to candy empire first coz i want to buy lollipop (a must for every birthday).. while we were walking to the mcdonalds, i saw mini toons that sells lollipop at a cheaper price... my dear fren, mira decided to get it for me.. woohooo... i got 2 lollipops now!! (haven eat yet!!) thn we reach the mc donalds, we went to the mc cafe section and the guy served us (he was late though, he just ignored us whn we were there).. i thn redeem my choc frappe by saying hi, its my bdae today, i would like to get double choc frappe pls.. thn he say ok, pls take a seat and i'll serve you.. and i say thank you...

whn he serve us, the guy said happy bdae to me! haha... i wasnt angry anymore.. i wasnt that angry just a bit pissed off.. anyway... we thn headed back to SAA.. it was 2.30pm alrdy!! we took bus 24 thn change at bedok and decided to take bus 2.. we were staring at the time coz it was alrdy 2.50pm, thus me and mira took a cab back to work.. she treat me the cab fare.. so sweet of her to do so... by the time we reach SAA it was alrdy 3pm.. thn i headed to my office laughing all the way... that was my journey from 12pm till 3pm.. it was such a great and wonderful day that i spent on my 20th bdae.. i want to thank everyone who wish me thru smsing and thru facebook.. thx loads... i really appreciate it.. i shall now let the pics do the explaining.. hahaha.. TODDLESS!!

Ps: Do keep this a secret!! hahaha...; some pics have not been upload yet.. :)

my niece and me..
my cake
the ferrero roche..
the t-shirt that my fren, atikah bought for me..
present from kak salmi..
this is hougang.. the place that we stop.. hahaha..
at the bstop waiting for 53..
changi airport T3.. my dear fren, mira..
both of us!!
my first stop..
me and my double choc frappe..
my 2 lollipops!!
excited me!!

the charm bracelet, my bro-in-law bought for me..

--Merci tout le monde--
3:48:00 PM

lunch at koi garden
Friday, July 10, 2009
hey there... guess wat i did during lunch time?? i decided to treat my fren coz she helped me alter my niece's baju kurung.. hehe.. nice gal & nice parents.. haha.. i shall now let the pics do the talking.. enjoy lunch-eating.. :)

my dear fren, mira
posing.. :)
debbie rowe (fish version)
her again..
our food, tapao from the cafeteria.. :)
the weather that soons turns dark..
the garden at my workplace.. a BIG one!
wind blowing our hair...
loving the tree..
the fountain!
happy her..
white koi..
one of the koi's eye is red while the other is normal..
mira and a tree branch..
thats all!! TODDLESS!!

--Merci tout le monde--
1:15:00 PM


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