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stress day no more.. :)
Wednesday, April 29, 2009
hey there readers... yes, im at work now and i finished what i need to do today.. just waiting for the phone to ring from my boss & supervisor.. the last two days was tiring i tell you but it was so awesome at the same time.. as some of you may not know, im attached to Singapore Aviation Academy.. A school that provides courses for people all arnd the world.. so here,you can see people of different races and i LOVE it here.. we just has finish a big event yesterday which was the 4th CANSO Asia Pacific ANSP Conference where delegates from all over the world gather at SAA to discuss issues regarding the Aviation world.. it was really nice to meet new people with positions such as Secretary-General, Director-General and lots more.. it was my first time managing a big event and meeting new high rank people.. they seems so friendly just like you and me.. i was kinda sad when everything was over.. all the delegates gave us a big applause for the facilitation of the event.. i was overjoyed hearing their applause.. :) all of them thanked us personally and even hugged us as they say they are going to miss being here in SAA.. hehehe.. im enjoying myself in SAA..

currently im working on my hospitality project where i need to do some adjustments to the lodge and facilities hereto make it a much more nicer place to be in.. hehe.. cant wait to get started searching furniture & fittings to make this place more bea- UTIFUL.. oh ya, a lot has been happening in my life, celebrated Galfren's bdae at ECP, celebrated Ainul Yaqin's bdae & Shereen's bdae party is coming up soon.. hehe.. gonna dress like an animal, guess wat im going to be?? **hint** pink all over.. :) will tell you after everything is over alrite... *i got shocked* someone just came into my office.. oh, its Siti.. chat with her for a while and she has to get back to work.. hahaha.. ok lah peeps.. gotta go now.. enjoy your day and take care alrite.. TODDLESS!!

--Merci tout le monde--
10:39:00 AM

will be busy..
Sunday, April 19, 2009
hey there... sorry have not been updating lately due to SIP.. u don noe wat is SIP?? it is Student Internship Program that everyone in Temasek Poly need to go thru before they can graduate.. Im attached to the Singapore Aviation Academy. Its opposite changi village so im lucky that its around my house area. im the only one in BIT that is attached there BUT im accompanied by another TP student from mass comm.. her name is Amira.. she is a really nice and helpful girl.. im happy to be attached there wif her.. we have our own office that is very far from our supervisor.. so we decorated our office wif our stuff.. i wanna put a goldfish there soon.. :) anyway, i LOVE my supervisor.. she's so cool and relaxed.. this is wat she say to me, "you are free to do anything you want, you dont have to report everything to me..". i replied." really?? i feel wrong not reporting to you because you are my supervisor". she laughed after hearing wat i said.. :) she really treats me like her sister you noe.. she's very approachable and friendly unlike other supervisor whom bosses you arnd.. im really grateful to have her as my supervisor.. its really fun to be working there.. oh ya, the people there are really nice too.. i dunno why but everyone there seems to have a smile on their face everyday.. its really great to see that you noe.. they respect you even though you are an intern on the company.. they treat you like their long lost fren.. btw, this tues, im going on a site visit to changi airport SATC, i dunno wat is it but im keen to noe.. :) i will try to update as much as i can alrite.. thats all for now.. gtg work tmr.. wish me luck.. :) TODDLESS!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
11:28:00 PM

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
hello people... sorry coz i've not been updating regularly.. been bz lately.. anyway, i wanna update you about the things that has been going on in my life.. up first, baking day.. on the 2nd April, me and shereen help my mum bake kuih suji for my auntie.. we bake arnd 500 pieces, 400 for my auntie, the rest is for us.. btw, the kuih suji in my house, is gone! must be my brother.. hahaha.. :) ok, next, my parents anniversary.. on the 4th April, it was my parents 27th anniversary so my family decided to treat them to Breeks Cafe for an anniversary dinner.. the food was awesome.. i eat until i became like a 3 month pregnant lady.. so as to say.. hahaha.. we ate at the Harbourfront Centre and we wen shopping at Vivocity till arnd 9.30pm.. we sat sail at 2pm.. my leg was screaming in pain coz i use a new pumps that have not been season yet by me.. stupid me.. i end up buying slipper at the giant hypermart.. hehehe.. spent $10 bucks on the slipper.. it was pretty though.. the slipper have sequins on it.. :) here's the pics for that day..

My Parents.. :) Happy 27th Anniversary.. :)
Kakak's Family.. :)
Me & Breeks Menu
Breeks Cafe
Me & Shereen
shereen & me..
Sufia entertaining us.. :)
Soup: Mushroom Soup
Kakak's: Buffalo Wings
Straight Cut Fries.. (Half gone!) :)
Sufia & her fries.. :)
Abang's: Chicken Pattie wif Mashed Potato & Salad
Drink: Chocolate Blended Ice wif Vanilla Ice Cream
Mine: Black Pepper Sea Bass wif Raisin Rice.. :)
Abang wan's..
Abg wan's: Beef Pattie wif Fries & Salad
Mum's & Dad's: Spicy Chicken Cutlet with Curry Rice
Shereen's: Seafood Marinara
Dessert: Mini Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Masya Sufia.. :)

ok, let move on.. SIP Briefing.. on the 6th April, i need to report to skul at 8.30am for the SIP launch.. it was the day that i have been waiting for coz my officer would tell me the company i will be posted to.. my liaison officer is Mr Narayanan.. First time i saw him in tp.. hahah.. didnt noe he existed.. anyway.. u wanna noe where im posted?? ok here it goes.. im posted to CAAS.. Changi Airport!! woohoo!! near to my home place.. a straight bus there.. i have to report to work next week at 8.30am at T2.. i dont know which department i will be working, the person will tell me on the day that i report to work.. :) i realised that most of my frenz are also posted there.. hope that i got the same department as them.. :) wish me luck..

next, 501 BBQ Pit at ECP.. there was a bbq session wif all my secondary school classmates.. i wen there wif my buddy, zhiwen.. we were really2 loud in the bus.. wen u combine me wif him, you'll get an explosion! serious!! he never fails to make me laugh even wen im down.. thanks buddy.. i saw shelly and shu jun ( i dont think i spell her name right.. hahaha..) anyway, it has been arnd 3 years since i saw most of thm.. some skuling at NYP, RI and ITE.. it was really wonderful to see my classmates even though some of them didnt attend it due to last min hick ups.. nvr mind.. its normal. really had a blast wif all my frenz.. i only have a few photos, the rest of the pics is at my facebook.. so, log in or sign up to see alrite.. here you go.. enjoy.. :)

me & buddy!

501.. :)smile.. :) us girls.. :)me, zhiwen & xiang sheng.. :)me & the gd guy.. :)hid, salleh, hyzal, halim.. :)my classmatesme and my chicken wing.. :)my buddymy sambal stingray

lastly, shopping wif SNT babies.. yesterday 7th April, i wen out wif syuhadah and atikah.. we wen to town.. the story of us going there.. was really funny.. syu arrive first so she decided to walk arnd city hall mrt station, while me and atikah were reaching soon.. was texting atikah, wen we realised that we were on the same mrt..hahaha.. i didnt see her though.. we meet up at the city hall station.. we were waiting for syu at the control station and thn she came.. she actually excited frm the city hall station to look arnd at the shops nearby.. she thought we were goin to suntec but we were actually going to Orchard.. haahha.. i had a big laugh coz atikah msg me yesterday saying that we will be going to town tmr, so immediately i thought, hmm, Orchard?? while syu thought Suntec??.. looks like i was rite.. so syu tap her card and we took the train to Orchard..

we were bz chatting abt the MAG Crisis wen we realised that we board the wrong train.. we wen to raffles city instead of dhoby ghaut.. so we had to exit the train and took another train to Orchard.. lucky for us, the train was empty so we can chat and sit till Orchard.. hahaha.. we wen shopping at Far East Plaza.. bought lots of things needed for my attachment.. atikah treat us (me & syu) at cahaya restaurant.. the food was awesome.. :) thx love.. :) anyway, we wen shopping again till arnd 6pm and we headed home.. the thing that we forgot to take was pictures!! i manage to snap 'A' pic of all of us in the train.. people arnd us were looking at us like what are we doing?? wateva.. i cant be bothered.. so here the one pic that we took.. i really enjoyed myself wif my 2 frenz.. they really understand me inside out unlike my other frenz.. i just wish that people wont judge me for a person im not.. im burning inside, they would know why.. thanks syu... thanks atikah.. you guys are such great frenz that i would worship every single day of my life.. i really enjoyed my time wif both of you.. if only, fika was there.. it would have been perfect but its ok.. i will always remember her.. :) love you too fika.. :) that all for now peeps.. TODDLESS! :)

last year November.. :) 4eva frenz.. :)

my besties in SNT.. :)

Ps: thx shereen for the bag, shirt, spray and all the things that you lend me for my attachment.. i really appreciate gal.. will text you wen my the make up arrive okey.. love ya.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
12:43:00 PM

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
hey!! CONFESSION OF THE SHOPAHOLIC IS AWESOME!!!!! it was soo hilarious, sad and it kinda taught me a few lessons in life abt shopping.. but overall, i really wanna watch it again.. i watch wif shereen and we bought nachos combo.. we also bought extra nachos at Cheers for $1.20 pr pct.. hahaha.. anyway, i just got something for someone and i really hope that person like it.. i cant wait for it to get mailed to me.. hehehe.. the person really wanted it so i hope she is happy that i got that for her.. so you must be wondering who am i talking abt?? hahha.. no can do.. i wont tell you until it arrives..

anyway, the day of the movie watching wif shereen, i was kinda approach by guys who wants to get my number.. guess wat?! i was listening to my mp3 player loudly so i didnt hear wat they say, so they tap my shoulder and use sign language on me.. i wasnt going to open my earphones to talk to thm so i turn back and tell thm wif my fingers that im attached.. HAHHA!! yes, im single and i dont like guys who pester me to get my number.. and i wont give my number to strangers.. scary!! anyway, after the movie, me n shereen bought a chocolate cake and we ate it outside tampines mall.. we chat till arnd 10.30pm.. the movie ended at 6.40pm.. hahaha... oh ya, we also wen window shopping, i hold and tell myself that im not suppose to buy anything that is not impt and i didnt buy anything.. hehehe... me and shereen were really torturing ourself by looking at clothes and lingerie..

we told each other to save money for nxt month shopping spree.. im really waiting for that day coz this 13th april, i will be starting my SIP.. im not sure which company im posted to but i hope i like it.. :) hmmm... ok thn y'all, i have to go afghanistan now, to transfer money.. TODDLESS!! :)

ps: the girl in the movie, use the same hp as mine! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
11:28:00 AM


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