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spain won!!!!!!
Monday, June 30, 2008

yeah!!!! im goin to start my dae wif a happy face coz spain won.. it was a good battle btwn the germs and spain.. torres did try a lot of shot and manage to score one golden goal for the team.. aniwae, i watch the match till abt 5am and i wen to sleep rite after the match has ended.. i was suppose to wake up at 8.30am but my alarm snooze until 9.25am.. so i was late for skul.. i board the bus at 10.10am and my galfren msg me... she told me to save a seat for her in the lecture theatre.. i replied her by saying tat im in the bus and i ink she shoul sav a seat for me.. i thought tat she was goin to be early but she was also late as me.. it was so funny.. i managed to reach first and 3 mins later she reach and sat beside me.. i told her abt the stupid 90% discount off the levis warehouse.. i dun wanna talk abt it.. its soooo funny.. i cant stop laughing...

we gotten our biz stats paper and guess wat?!!! i got FULLLLL MARKSSSS!! i was shocked coz i thought tat sum of the qns i did was wrong but actually its correct.. the first person i told was my galfren.. sum of my other calssmates keep askin me how much i got but i juz look away.. i dun wanna make thm feel tat im sooo clever coz i got full marks.. i juz hope tat they will treat me better..hahaha.. thn i got my prize from my teacher for winning the go venture game.. its so damn fun... i got a hello panda biscuit and i ate it all by myself.. wen i wen back home, everyone was home.. my whole family, kak fiza and all the babies and a toddler.. so kecoh (noisy)... thn my dad ask my bro to go n order kfc coz he got money to spend.. hahaha.. so i ate only 2 drumsticks coz my stomach not felin so gd.. coz of "red"... u shld noe wat i mean.. i thought im gonna stay home and watch so you think you can dance but my mum ask me to go to tampines mall and eat.. so i juz wen along.. wen we reach there, i didnt go eat, i go and search for things to buy for "ehem.."

hahaha... wen thru the whole store to search for the thing.. sufia is so damn cute she will always smile and tat will always cheer me up.. love you fia mok.. she's becoming noisier like her mum.. keep talking and walkin arnd the store.. ahaha.. btw, cant wait for tiz sat outing wif galfren...

p.s: i almost ate an eraser coz it look like a chocolate.. here's the pic.. you will also be fooled..

and tiz is wa's face eating.. hahaha.. look at the cheeks..

--Merci tout le monde--
7:28:00 PM

i decided tat....
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i decided tat todae im not goin to skul coz i wanna sleep.. yeaterdae i slept at 3am.. crazy rite.. the skul started at 9am so i didnt have much sleep.. so i woke up at 7.45am and switch on the water heater thn i went back to sleep hahaha.. i woke up at 12pm.. it was a gd sleep.. after i woke up i msg my frenz and ask thm wat they did durin ob tut.. they wen thru exam paper and the project.. my grp did badly for the grp assignment..i think bcoz i wasnt sre wat we were suppose to do.. i dont noe how much i got for my test so have to wait for nxt week...

ok lah.. i wanna watch tv now... bye2!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
2:39:00 PM

Monday, June 23, 2008
it all started wif a weird look.. i kinda saw a person whom i dont really like.. the way he look at me is so damn irritating like as if i owe him sumtin.. aniwae forget about tat.. its a pity i will see him everidae.. had a small chat wif galfren abt her holidaes.. i can see tat she look so happy now compared to the previous year.. i wish her all the best in her relationship.. i didnt see malia todae, mayb she was too tired to cum skul.. like we say, MONDAY BLUES.. hehehe..:)

had biz stats assignment, i grouped wif the good people and those whom nvr juz leave me all alone and talk among thmselves.. they should noe hu they are... lucky me i am an independent gal.. didnt eat in skul coz have to save money to pay my hp bill.. i only ate a cadbury boost (chocolate bar) to boost up my energy.. wen home early at 4.20pm and wen to cik yah's place but she was not there.. i walk arnd tamp st 81 till 5pm to wait for her but she still nvr pick up her phone..

called my elder siz and she was at bedok shopping for masya's bdae things.. bought quite a lot of things but i cannot tell you.. muahahahaha!!! ;-) she came here and i played with sufia.. she bite my hand and leave a 10 mark of her teeth on my hand.. i forgot to take pic of it.. but you should noe how it looks.. you can bite ur hand now to see it.. hahaha.. wen online and chat wif my new bestie and found out tat she was not feelin so great after all.. hope tat i can see her soon to make her feel better.. nic say tat i look like an air stewardess in the agm pic.. hahaha.. he nvr fail to make me laugh.. i missed my psycho frenz man... they were so damn funny... i gtg now.. tml skul start at 9am!!! AH!!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
9:32:00 PM

Monday, June 16, 2008

hi peeps.. todae i wen to skul to send an application form for tp scholarship.. brought zana along wif me.. we kinda like tour around the skul and she said to me tat tp was huge and wanted to skul there.. she's juz 3yrs old.. every1 was lookin at her and said tat she was cute. she had a big butterfly clip on her head.. veri funny yet damn cute.. aniwae, i saw my fren jordon and ask him where he was goin and he said tat he was goin to eat thn after tat he's goin to east coast... he actually wen to skul juz to eat coz tp food are cheap..

after tat i wen to bugis wif my family coz my mum wanted to find a matching heels for her new bonia bag.. the design for the high heels were nt so nice and she decided not to buy.. i wen to look for cute handbags and i wen to guy laroche.. it was kinda expensive but nice.. a small handbag cost $89 but i decided not to buy tat.. thn i wen to braun buffel and look at the bags.. it was on sale.. i wanted to buy the handbag but thn i decided to buy it another dae.. after all the shopping, we wen to eat at burger king.. i ate my favourite double mushroom swiss.. it was my first time finishin the whole meal but i didnt finish the drink.. not counted rite.. i noe.. after eatin we wen back home by mrt.. it was so packed n i saw tiz cute guy.. i think he thought tat i was married coz i was pushing a baby tat my mom babysit in the stroller.. he juz smiled at me n i smiled back.. hahaha.. veri funny.. ok thn.. tats all for now.. i wan to go n watch movie now...

--Merci tout le monde--
5:25:00 PM

Saturday, June 14, 2008
hello peeps... i had a very fun dae todae.. the performance was over.. after all the hard work trainin for it, it has paid off.. i almost fell during the laz part of the dance.. aniwae, took a lot of photos and reall y enjoyed my self.. we also had an orientation dae wif all the malay art group members and i got to learn a lil bit from each grp.. i LOVE DIKIR BARAT... seriously!!!! we had to meet up at 7.30am and we finish the whole camp by 6.30pm.. BUT me, fidelia n syu took our own sweet tyme changing clothes and there were a lot of things happening in the toilet.. (i slip in the toilet while taking pictures).. i dun wanna talk abt it... i juz let the pics do the talking.. the pics are under the photos and the video of our dance is of coz under the videos.. hahaha... after changing our clothes, it was alrdy 7.45pm nearly 8pm.. me n fid wen to TM to go shopping and had lots of fun wif her.. we were laughing all the way while doing the dikir barat song.. ever1 kinda look at us coz we like crazy man.. made quite a mess at toys'r'us(not me but fid.. hehehe...) it was so damn funny... im so damn tired after the whole camp and i kinda forgot it was my siz bdae.. wen i came back home.. i gave her the present.. she was happy.. glowing wif a smile.. hahahaha.. okok.. im kinda sleepy now.. i juz wanna post a shout out to FIKA,SYU & FID!!! YOU GUYS WERE DAMN GREAT!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
9:05:00 PM

Monday, June 9, 2008
tiring day 4 me.. woke up at 12pm and had to rush to the overhead bridge to pick fia.. she was crying bcoz safi took her from kakak to go to my place.. wen i reach the bridge, she wasnt cryin and wen i say "fia.." she started cryin.. so i carried her thn she stop.. maybe she was not sure hu safi was.. hahahaha.. safi was so tense wen he heard sufia cried.. aniwae, i took care of nurin,sufia and zana coz my mum accompany my dad to the hospital.

so i was babysittin thm till 4pm thn kakak was home.. so i go n bathe to get ready to go trainin.. my trainin started at 6pm and ended at 9.30pm.. we learn a lot of new steps and position.. my fren fika didnt go for the trainin coz she had to go to werk.. she will not participatin in this dance.. she muz have felt devastated coz she really wanted to perform.. aniwae, we are goin to have trainin tiz wed and fri at 10am.. hai... looks like i have to give all my best for this dance.. hope 2morow will be a less tiring dae for me.. miss ya people..

--Merci tout le monde--
8:40:00 PM

started happy, ending weird..
Saturday, June 7, 2008

aniwae, i have a spy who has been reading my blog.. hahaha.. u noe hu u are.. had trainin at 12pm, woke up at 7am coz i thought i was goin to be babysittin nurin mok and nana bacin but they didnt come.. maybe bcoz it was rainin so cik jaya n cik amnah couldnt wake up.. hahaha.. after my trainin went to motherhood exhibition AGAIN!! i am one of sufia's big supporter.. she got into the semi final crawling contest.. i dun wan to say about the contest lah.. too much too say.. she's a winner in my eyes.. waitin for my sizter to upload her pics that i took.. she was so posy like a model.. irritant seh..

hahaha.. my mum came back from johor and she bought donuts!!! yummy!!! i ate 2 only and my siz sempat bawak balik rumah.. hahaha.. i'm havin a 2 week holiday and im spending all my time wif my family.. im goin shopping wif sze yinn, malia soon ut dunno when.. they'll call me.. oh ya.. my galfren say my pic on my blog is so funny so i decided to change the layout.. have fun people.. hahaha..

--Merci tout le monde--
5:34:00 PM

waitin for ellen
Thursday, June 5, 2008
hey there.. guess wat?? i wont be sleepin todae till 4am coz i wan to watch ellen.. DAVID BECKHAM goin to appear at her talk show man.. OMG!!! i cant believe it.. i seriously want to watch him talkin to ellen.. wanna see how he is like.. laz time, it was wenworth miller, now its him.. hahaha..

aniwae, my holiday starts now.. only for 2 weeks but at least i got to enjoy it wif my bff.. love ya people.. im gonna mizz u.. looks like im goin to skul todae to send my bursary apllication.. nowadays i cant be spending my money anyhow coz my family is in need of money.. we have to save wat we can so i wont be surfing always.

btw, i juz came back from singapore expo wif sufia and her mum.. her mum "my crazy sister" is so engrossed wif the motherhood exhibition.. she wanted to go everyday.. so since im on holiday now, she wan me to follow her.. OMG!! she's crazy rite??!! hahaha.. juz kidding.. sufia was so damn irritating man.. she wore this stripy shirt and hat and it looks so damn cute on her.. i didnt snap her pics but i can still remember how she looks like.. she was wearing pink from her head to her shoe.. hahaha.. if i talk abt her, i cant stop.. so, i wanna go watch tv now.. see ya..

mak ode love you fia!!

--Merci tout le monde--
10:50:00 PM

doing something..
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
i was suppose to study for my open technology paper at 5pm todae, instead i wen surfin.. u wanna noe y, coz it is an open book paper.. so i juz studied the notes for about half an hour and started to surf the net.. oh ya.. i was amaze wen i receive a msg from ad taggers saying tat i won $10 so im waiting for them to call me n i think there will be an occasion where all the winners will be invited to attend a ceremony to congratulate us for winning.. im sooooo excited.. even $10 im so happy sia.. i nvr won any sms contest before.. tiz is my first time winning.. OMG!!!

aniwae, i heard tat sufia is coming todae, she is havin a fever and i hope she get well soon.. tak taulah nak pandai ape lagi.. hai... k lah.. i gtg.. i wan to go n eat.. bubbye peeps..

--Merci tout le monde--
11:16:00 AM


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