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french role play was a blast...
Thursday, July 31, 2008

hey peeps.. finish my French role play... YEAH!!!!! I'm goin to MIZZZZZ my FRENCH TUTOR MRS BICH!!!! she so funny.. i should have taken a photo wif her... nvrmind still got nxt week.. its gonna be the last lesson for french.. im gonna miz all my french frenz especially ong kai li.. she do funny.. she's super high n she's pretty too... she n her blue sweater tat i wanted to buy.. but i wanted to buy the red one.. hahaha... me, jenny n her will always laugh everytime my french tutor talk english coz she couldnt speak proper english n i will go like HUH?!! thn the whole class laugh... thn she hav to repeat again.. thn if i understand i will explain to the class wats tryin to say.. juz now she talk abt her maid goin out at night without her knowing.. her maid go sing karaoke wif her frenz.. she was sad tat her maid lied to her.. i think she fired her for tat after 6 mnths werkin.. soooo sad... but as a maid u should respect ur mam rite?? so i think she did the right thing... u wouldnt want a maid tat lie to u mah.. hahha.. k lah.. stop talking abt tiz...

im waiting for malia n jenny to pass my pictures tat they took wif their hp.. there's a pic wif me wearin the hat wif the wick hair tat malia is so scared off.. hahha.. aniwae, it was nice talking to u abt him lah.. thx fer listening... u really understood me... oh ya... there's a MALAY GANG in BIT.. these include, me,malia(my sayang), jenny(my sayang), chin wee(my sayang), taufiq, debbie, arvin (santha clan) n choo wang... we'll speak to each other in malay lah.. it was so damn funny.. especially wen debbie speak.. its so cute wen she speak malay especially tiz line (YA ALLAH BISING!!!).. we will all laugh ah.. damn loud sumore.. hahaha.. its very nice having frenz like u ppl.. i really enjoyed myself... instead of goin for lect, i watched ppl play soccer.. me n jenny tag team nvr go lect... hahaha.. we didnt see the 2nd part of the movie.. oh ya.. starting tml, i will be blogging in malay.. to those hu dun understang gd luck okey.. hahaha.. go take dictionary wif u... k lah.. i wan to watch america's nxt top model.. (i delete his contact alrdy).. u shld noe hu... I LOVE N MIZ MY CHOCOLATE BROWNIE SAMUEL!!!! ..

my key done by MALIA!! thx girl.. love u...

me n my vase.. :)

me n my key...

me,my vase the the wick hat.. its not my hair okey.. :)

blur pic taken by galfen..hahah..

nicer pic taken by her...

malay gang at hockey pitch....

thm playing soccer...

me n malia wif my wick hair.. hahaha...

--Merci tout le monde--
5:58:00 PM

todae was ambush day!!!!
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hey peeps... (1st part has been deleted)i woke up at 9.30am n reach skul at 10.30am.. print out the marketing project tat my grp chiong frm yesterdae.. WAHID the SUPERHERO manage to make it till 15 pages.. YEAH!!!!! i did the conclusion part n it was too long coz overshot till 16 pages so i cut it down till 15.. it was like 10 mins after the deadline alrdy.. so my grp ran to mr paul room n put it in his pigeon hole.. looks like there were other grp project too.. so we were not late.. it was funny man.. after handing in the project, my grp did a woosh!!!! hahaha.. my members are so hilarious..

at 4pm i wen to biz stats lect n saw that cw wasnt there so i called him coz i wanted to tell him sumtin.. he said tat he was watching movie.. crazy guy!!!! ppl go lecture, he watch movie.. MADNESS!!!!! aniwae, tiz fri everyone will be wearin white coz its taking medal day.. the medal will be distributed during the otbs lect.. i hope every1 wears white especially _ _ _ _ s.. hahaha.. oh ya.. saw samuel todae.. HE IS SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was wearing smart clothes maybe bcoz he have presentation.. hahaha.. wish him all the best.. I LOVE SAMUEL !!!!! hahah.. tml will b my french roleplay.. plz wish me gd luck for the role play.. hope i can remember my french lines..TODDLES!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
3:27:00 PM

one done, 2 more to do.. ARGH!!!
Tuesday, July 29, 2008
hey peeps.. juz came back frm skul doin marketing project which is DUE TML at 12PM!! me,jenny,wahid n jessie stay in skul to finish the damn project.. my dearest leader looked like a zombie.. ma kanchiong jenny.. hahaha.. tats wat wahid say.. aniwae, at 10am i had my ob presentation.. there were few cock ups, 1st, sum1 forgot to do notes abt wat he's suppose to present n wat he presented was not enough, 2nd, my earring like teacher said was quite big but i find it rather small, 3rd, i click the slides too fast wen it comes to choo wang presenting.. ehehe.. sorie.. i was lookin at jenny.. hahaha... aniwae, we did well enough.. im happy wif wat we produce.. juz need to pull my grades up by studying for the test.. i find my ob tutor more funnier compared to the previous time wen i really felt like "killing" her.. ahaha.. helmi will keep askin me to do tat.. hahaha.. funny lah... disturb cw coz was feelin bored.. disturb my other frenz too... hahaha.. sorie kkkk.. i promise i wont msg u again...(like real!!!!) hahaha... looks like there is sum love happenin btwn my 2 frenz, _ _ _ _ _ e & s_... find out urself.. hahaha.. klah... i wan to go n sleep now.. hav to wake up early tml to pass up the project... i promise i'll be early ok jenny.. TODDLES!!! LOVE YOU!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
8:35:00 PM

my love is lost..
Monday, July 28, 2008
hmmmm.. i dunno y suddenly the love is no longer there.. everytyme i look at his face, im suppose to feel sumtin but i dont.. hmmm.. mayb i dun like him animore??? i dunno wat my heart is saying.. wateva happen, our frenship will always stay strong.. oh ya.. todae i didnt go lecture coz too tired.. i woke up at 8.45am and thn wen back to sleep until 11.30am.. switch on my comp n did my ob presentatation which is tml.. i LOVE my ob grp.. they are so supporting.. evnthough sum ppl say tat they wont do their work, they actually did it... my grp consists of 4 guys and a gerl (ME!!!).. i had great laughs wif thm... its my first tyme leading a grp of 4 guys who likes to joke arnd especially CHOO WANG!!! he's crappy (in a good way).. hahaha.. bought 2 cadbury boost for $2 at cheers n saw CHOO WANG.. bz msging his frenz.. i purposely push him wif my bag.. hahaha.. k lah.. oh ya.. im eating the choc now.. hahaha... n i noe a secret(not really a secret; tats wat he say) hahaha...

--Merci tout le monde--
5:38:00 PM

sufia bdae party..
Sunday, July 27, 2008

hello peeps.. i juz came back frm the chalet at aloha loyang garden terrace J.. it was a 4 days 3 nights chalet but since im skulin tml, so i wen back home todae.. hahaha.. really had a lot of fun.. abg's fren was so supporting while playing the games.. hahaha... ANAH is SUPER THIN!!!! she is in rugby team now.. she still the same as usual but much more prettier.. we had talks tat was like damn funny.. i really miz her... it was so damn fun talking to her.. i really miz all those days man.. hahaha.. i dont have the pics now but im sure my siz gonna upload it soon.. hahaha... btw, the most beautiful best dress for a lady is my fren farhanah, best dress for a kid goes to ainul yaqin and the most handsome kid goes to adrian aqasha..

i played games tat are so damn fun coz all the participants were so damn supporting, thx to abg n his frenz, eat a lot n the cake was HEAVEN!!!!!! anah LOVE the cake... its filling is chocolate fudge wif extra fudge.... DAMN NICE!!!!! i ate a lot of it... hahaha.. wen to the playroom tat is free for kids to play arnd, wanted to bring sufia along but she was sleeping.. hahaha.. wen for a swim n the water was so damn cold tat i had a cold... i was freezzing man.. lucky there was a jacuzzi tat made my body much warmer.. hahaha.. i miz the chalet!!!! wen i was goin home, i gave sufia a BIG BIG BIG KISS... she super big now.. she's a cute toddler now not a baby animore.. hahaha.. she have much more vocabs.. she's super cute.. wen i wen back home, i msn choo wang.. i seriously miz him..HAHAHA!!! got sum pics of the captain's ball competition from galfren.. here are the pics..

...my team members...


--Merci tout le monde--
9:24:00 PM

tat thing won!!!
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
YEAH!!!! my team won for the captain's ball competition.. hahaha.. we gonna get medal soon.... i dun have pictures to post but i will try to get the winning pic of my team.. you rock my world man... he was so gorgeous while playing captain ball.. i really enjoyed myself.. aniwae, i saw samuel todae but i think my feelings for him gone alrdy ah coz i find sumone else alrdy.. hahahaha... oh ya, the final match was betwn my team n tiz other team, i forgot wat class ah.. hahaha... im damn proud of my team... my team captain teck wee was the saver man.. wohooo!!!! he rocks too!!!!! the final match ended wif a golden goal which was pass by me to teck wee n thn to soon xiang whom also ROCKS!!!!! he was such a good catcher... hahahaha.. k lah.. i sleepy now.. have to go n sleep.. good luck for ur test tml MALIA... last but not least, I LOVE THAT THING (my grp name)!!!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
8:05:00 PM

like i said,,,,, i feel good!!!!
Monday, July 21, 2008

hello people!! here's wat i did..
- force myself to wake up at 9am for marketing lecture and i reach sul at abt 10.05am and wen i go to the lecture theatre, found out tat the lecture is cancel bcoz paul wasnt feelin well.. hmm... i shld have juz slept till 12pm man... SHACK!!!!! haha...

- aniwae, for the few hrs, wen to study but didnt really do tat coz were bz gossiping abt ppl.. me, szeyinn, kristen, hanlin n hizam..

- didnt noe tat hizam could gossip.. so funny man him.. i laugh my heart out..

- todae is kristen bdae but i forgot o bring her present coz i thought it was nxt week.. some "rahsia" planning...

- oh ya.. studied for biz stats test for abt 10 mins n wen to eat.. i didnt eat coz wasnt hungry.. i only eat wen im damn hungry..

- did the biz stats paper n got stuck in the middle but i managed to pull thru.. got the first assignment and i got 20.5/25.. hahaha.. i saw wahid got 23/25.. CRAZY MAN!!!!

- after tat, wen for open tech lesson.. me,jenny n jessie were feelin bored coz we were doing the sugarcrm thingy n it takes a long time to upload so we wen to cheers n biz park n grab sumtin to eat..

- bought nuggets and sausage n my FAVOURITE BOOST!!! which i later regret coz i didnt feel like eating it.. but i force myself to eat it n now i have a sore throat.. hahaha..

- hmmmm.. wen back home n saw nurin n zana playing at the playgrnd and i join thm.. haha.. feelin young mah..

- reach home n watch tv n got a call from jenny.. she ask me to finish my marketing..

- i switched on my comp and started doing n now i finish alrdy n feelin bored..

- disturb my frenz by asking thm to send me songs n now malia is sending me a lot of songs.. hahaha..

ok tats all.. my new sign off : TODDLES!!!!!

BTW, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY KRISTEN !!!!!! (p.s. i didnt forget alrite)..
blow tiz cake..
18 candles for ur 18th bdae..


--Merci tout le monde--
7:16:00 PM


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