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early for lecture n more..
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
hey y'all.. today is my first day of skul after my 3 weeks break.. was suppose to go to skul on mon but it was an online forum.. its tough being a leader in all the group project.. u need to give ppl task to do n hu they need to do it with.. u need to see hu can interact n hu is not so keen in interacting.. of all my grp project i guess only 1 project i wasnt the leader.. its kinda fun being just a member.. whr u du not need to keep on reminding ppl wat to do n whn to hand it up.. being a leader is fun too coz you get to interact wif all ur grp members n learn more about thm.. i meet my yr 1 psycho mate juz now n i realised tat we r very close to each other.. everytime we see each other we will sit and chat for awhile.. eventhou we're not in the same course.. of all my team mates, im very close to my psycho mate.. mayb bcoz of the roleplay we did.. we were damn close like as if we know each other for many years.. haha.. ok move on..

today i was early for lect first time after sooo many weeks.. hehehe.. my teacher wen to me n talk about my paper. i scared i was going to fail the paper coz of my stupidest mistake ever!! i ask him whether i need to go for remedial lesson n he say my marks was good n i du not need to go for classes.. thank god.. quite relieve after hearing tat.. hehehe.. :) :).. aniwae, i ended early today coz my 2hrs of ERM lab was only a presentation day.. we need to ask questions from the group n my mate really did do tat.. the grps were shocked by his qns.. he got everyone thinking even the teacher.. hahaha.. funny man.. oh ya, the highlight of the day was to see TWEETY BIRD!! my fren cut her hair n she really look weird.. i dunno y she cut it but its her hair rite.. hehehe.. i headed home n played wif the kids my mum babysit.. nurin and zana..nurin the fat girl and zana the talkative girl.. to end tiz post i put their pics okey.. TODDLESSS!!!
zana n me.. zana
n her again..
irritant nurin..
her smelly face..
look at those teeth.. nurin..

--Merci tout le monde--
5:12:00 PM

Zoo Outing Wif my FAMily!!
Monday, December 29, 2008
hey gorgeous people... i've been busy lately wif projects and dance practices thus i've not been updating my blog.. hehehe.. lots of things has happened n the latest was>>>>>>>i went to the SINGAPORE ZOO!!! woohooo.. it has been years since i've been to the Singapore Zoo.. its very pretty now... it has been furnished wif lots of animal-like furnitures.. when u step into the zoo u can alrdy smell the aroma of the zoo.. hahaha.. the aroma wasnt tat smelly.. hehehe.. we sat sail at 12pm n arrive at 2pm.. 2hrs of journey to the zoo.. there was a lot of tourists.. yup.. A LOT!!! even in the bus and mrt.. i was very excited coz i want to see animals.. hehe.. especially snakes.. they creep me out.. very scary.. at first, only 4 people wanted to go but ended up 9 people went for the zoo outing.. very fun.. the more the merrier rite.. hahaha.. i really enjoyed myself n had a wonderful time there.. now i will let my pics do the talking for me alrite.. TODDLESS!!!

click here>>> PHOTOS PART 1
click here>>> PHOTOS PART 2
click here>>> PHOTOS PART 3

--Merci tout le monde--
4:26:00 PM

more n more projects
Monday, December 22, 2008
hello people... today's post gonna be short because i dun have much too say.. hmmm, a first time right.. hahaha.. aniwae, projects are killing my brain cells n i hope i can finish all of thm before school reopens nxt mon.. yup, nxt monday!! pathetic!! y cant it prolonged till 4 or 5 january?? sad,sad,sad.. had project meeting and last min shopping wif kimi.. hehe.. i ended my project meeting at 3.40pm n my dance prac is at 6.30pm so i had lots of time to kill.. i decided to accompany kimi to haji lane to buy for her bf a blazer.. the blazer is sooo gorgeous and so is the price.. u shld noe wat i mean right?? so expensive!! after that i head back to school on time while eating mcflurry in the bus.. has a sudden crave for ice cream.. hehe.. after prac, some of uz wen to TECHNO to eat.. was my first time going there.. hahaha.. me n atikah n lots more.. thn after dinner head back home n now here i am posting.. haha.. clean up my phone coz i lazy wan to transfer all pics and video to my comp.. need to buy a usb cable for my phone to connect to the comp.. hmmm, i guess tats all for now.. cant wait for wednesday outing.. hehehe... TODDLESS!!

--Merci tout le monde--
11:54:00 PM

end of camp back to normal life..
Friday, December 19, 2008
hey gorgeous people.. miss me?? hahaha.. aniwae, i was having a camp for the past 2 days n tat was one of the reason i didnt blog the nxt reason is bcoz im lazy... hahaha.. even whn im on holidays im stuck wif project... my body is aching all over frm the camp mayb bcoz i was one of the FA (facilitator) of the group... lots of yr 3 people though, most of thm were in my group... instead of me teaching thm games to play, they teach me the games.. hahaha... very funny.. i was the only girl in the group n they bullied me.. in their grp cheer, they put my name in it coz they didnt like the group name given by the committee which as IGIl (a music instrument).. the theme for the camp was musucal so all the groups have a musical instrument name... for example, sitar, igil, cello n udu.. there were 4 grps ont the first day but on the 2nd day there were only one grp coz the rest have gone home coz they got sumtin on they sum of thm have NS thingy to do..

aniwae, since there was only one grp left which was the UDU grp, they decided tat all the FA n programmers will make one team so that there will be 2 grps to play the final game.. it was fun running arnd the skul shouting like a mad person but it was definitely tiring... good job to the committee for doing this camp coz it was much better than the last camp i've attended. although there were a few cock ups here n there, they still manage to pull thru.. sooo congrats!!! the night walk was fun!!!! i was one of the ghost n i was alone in the room.. they put me alone coz they say im brave.. hahaha.. wif my make up tat freak thm out even whn there was light.. hahaha.. i scared lots of people including those hu act like "abeng".. u shld hve been in my shoes whn i look at their faces n they were scared of me.. some switch on the bloody light coz they were scared, n even whn the lights were on, they were scared of me.. KENTALS TO YOU GUYS WHOM SWITCH ON THE LIGHTS!!!!! hahaha... most of the girls didnt was to go in my room coz they were really really scared.. i do not have any pics coz the camera man was joseph... soo all the pics will be uploaded by him of by one of the committee.. if i saw the pics i post the link in my blog okey.. hmmm, i guess tat all for now alrite.. im eating chocolates bought by my galfren for Christmas.. thx soo much girl... LOVE YA and TODDLESS!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
2:40:00 PM

im feeling fine..
Sunday, December 14, 2008
hey y'all.. im feeling better now.. thx to those hu text me, thx to those hu listened to my **** words and thx to everyone hu gave a piece of their mind to my situation.. im feeling much better.. so had dance prac in the morning n grp project too.. looks like there were a few changes to the piece tat abg amin created.. there are jumping up and down movements.. new for me.. really jumping!! hahaha.. rad excited abt the sexy part whr we kinda move our hips hehehe.. better not tell u.. hahaha.. oh ya, i had BAD stomach ache in the morning n i kept going to the toilet.. the toilet was dirty so i had to go to another toilet.. after letting go i felt my stomach much better.. yasmin was rooting for me whn i ran to another toilet.. hahaha... funny gal.. headed home n as per normal clean the house.. i like the house to be clean especially my room.. so after cleaning the house, waited for a phone call coz my niece was coming over coz her parent n grandparents wanna go out n no one to take care of her so i took care of her.. she my bestest best fren.. she really really look like my elder siz whn she was young.. had a one on one time wif masya sufia.. we draw on paper n watch baby tv together.. she LOVES baby tv.. her fav part will be whn there is a song coz she LOVES to dance.. hahaha.. following my step huh.. hehe.. she also LOVES to sing especially the barney song "i love you, you love me" but she's young so she juz said "ba ba ba, ba ba ba".. hahaha.. quite rite.. once i caught her singing to herself.. hehehe.. so the mentel.. hahaha.. thn at midnite my siz took her home while she was sleeping.. oh, i almost forgot, I LOVE RUSSIA!!!! i really thought she was going to win n SHE DID!!!! YEAH!!! MISS WORLD 2008 goes to RUSSIA!!! i kinda felt tat the emcee for the south africa was quite biased.. aniwae, tats my point of view.. shall not elaborate... hehehe.. k peeps.. gtg now.. MAN U WON!!! I LOVE MAN U!!!! yup!!! i watch soccer.. hahaha.. TODDLESS!!!

*dilemma(grp project,dance,camp)????

--Merci tout le monde--
3:28:00 AM

swearing day!!
Friday, December 12, 2008
hey peeps... if u guys noe me, u shld noe tat i dun like to swear at ppl and hear ppl swearing but im going to todae bcoz of my stupid mistake... todae was my last exam and it was business calculus.. maths! i love maths n i dunno y!! aniwae, i kinda freaking screw up my paper coz i made a careless mistake.. i read the qn and i really noe how to do it but my hand wasnt working well wif my brain.. i didnt write wat i thought but i juz made the dummest mistake i ever made (excluding the economics paper, well tats another story..) i was suppose to times 2 to the equation but me,yes me, yes yes yes me, i squared it!! i FREAKING SQUARED IT!!!! AH!!!!!!! I WANNA FREAKING KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, wat the hell was i thinking whn i squared it?!!!! ****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!****!!!!!! AH!!!!!! bcoz of tat... 10 marks gone!!!!! 10 MARKS!!!!!!! AH!!!!!! i thought i was goin to score for the paper but bcoz of MY MISTAKE, I FREAKING SCREW IT UP!!!!!! adding salt to the wound will be i cancel the page tat i did very neatly n i redo the qn in 4 mins ended up the qn tat i redo was much worser thn the first one.. my hands were shivering!!!! SHIVERING!!!! FELT LIKE TEARING THE PAPER!!!! AH!!!!!!!! it was only 1 qn tat i screw up, the rest was manageable for me... AH!!!! 10 marks.. hu wan to give me 10 marks???!!!! AH!!!!! let tiz be a learning lesson for me.... but i still couldnt take it tat i made a stupid mistake.. yup!! im STUPID for making a stupid mistake!!!! AH!!!!!! wanted to njoy my holiday but i cant bcoz of tiz!!!! hope i can get over it n thing positive.. i wish i can now but i cant.. i seriously cant!!!! DEPRESSED!!!!! aniwae, i wanna thank my galfren for listening to me coz i straight away called her after i finish my paper.. ya, heart pain rite!!!! try imagining urself in my shoes?? would u feel the pain im feeling rite now?? AH!!! tiz post is totally an opposite of me.. tiz is soo not me... wat shld i do guys???!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
7:16:00 PM

Sunday, December 7, 2008
hey guys... sorry for not blogging for the past few days.. im studying for my exams on the 10 dec to 12 dec.. 3 papers only, one hour for each paper.. im happy that i only have 3 papers n i pity those who have more thn 3 papers.. i've been thru that during my first yr in TP.. lucky its over.. hehehe.. anyway, i've been writing notes for all my papers coz i cannot study from the lect notes.. so not me.. i have to write it down.. yup.. im kinda visual learner.. need to have colours on my paper.. hahahaha... oh ya, wen to ikea juz now wif my family to look for a bed for my lil niece.. her bed is very cute and beautiful.. the way my niece rest on the bed is very adorable like a grown up.. i didnt noe tat kids also like to try out their bed.. hahaha.. kids ageing frm 1-2 yrs.. hahaha.. i didnt bring my hp today wen i go out.. was kinda shocked coz i thought i lost it.. hehehe.. but i didnt.. anyway, after ikea we wen to sengkang to look at the house again n the only thing tat was ready is the air conditioner.. haha.. i thought the lightings was ready but it wasnt.. thn we headed to the nearby 24hr coffeeshop to eat.. thn we took a cab home.. some accidents happen in the cab(concerning my niece, i shall not say..) got home n checked my phone n i received a msg frm galfren about tiz tues.. haven reply her yet mayb later.. hahaha.. i think tats all for now alrite... i'll try to update my blog regularly ok.. TODDLESS!!!

*wen is it gonna end??

--Merci tout le monde--
11:43:00 PM

cds assignment handed!!
Monday, December 1, 2008
hey gorgeous people.. im feeling a little bit happy today because......... i finish my cds indiv assignment 1.. woohoo.. trips to the various tourism board got me thinking what i should do for my group project assignment.. haiz.. hmmm.. looks like i've added one more task to my schedule book.. anyways, this thurs i have my cds test, i hope it is manageable n yes, i have not start studying yet.. maybe tmr i guess.. had dance trainin at 6.30pm n i feel that this piece is really fast n i LOVE fast pieces.. u should know that right.. hahax.. my knees started shaking when i dance maybe because it has been a while since i dance.. my knees are not prepared for the dance.. hmm.. next trainin will be in 2 weeks time because next week is EXAM week!!! ARH!!!! so near.. and lots of deadlines due on that week too... white hair growing.. hopefully not.. hehehe... i saw my niece, she's at my house now, she's sleeping here.. gonna play with her till she sleep.. scolded her juz now coz when i was doing my online forum, she actually shut down my computer.. she's juz 1 yr 4 mnths and she know a lot of things.. a very bright girl.. hope she grow up to be a good and clever girl.. opps.. kinda sidetrack a bit.. hehe.. oh ya, i have to mention that "people" actually read my blog.. hahaha.. got shocked juz now.. that's all for now.. i want to go n watch amazing race now.. TODDLES!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
11:07:00 PM


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