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spending time wif family.. :)
Friday, March 27, 2009
hey!! the first most important thing tat i have to say is... ADAM LAMBERT ROCKS MY WORLD!!! HE'S DAMN HOT TO THE MAX!!! WOOHOO!! OMG!! im getting excited alrdy talking abt him.. his performance yesterday at american idol was super duper breath- taking.. guess wat?! he give me chills.. like seriously!!! oh my!! im in love wif this guy... so HOT!!! ok2.. let get back to the real world.. hmm..

yesterday i went giant wif my mum and my lil sizter to stock up our fridge.. spent arnd $90 bucks on groceries.. wow! i wish i can use that money to spent on myself.. hahaha.. i saw a new kinder bueno, a white kinder bueno.. and yes, of coz i bought it like duh! haha.. my mum bought a hazelnut chocolate and my lil siz is in love wif the peppermint chocomints.. wen i reached home, i straight away open my choc and eat it!! it was AWESOME!! tats my new favourite choc now apart from the normal kinder bueno and ferrero rocher... so, if u wanna buy me sumtin, just buy me the chocolate okey.. ehehe.. :) here is some pics of my choc and my lil siz wif her choc.. haha.. :)
my chocolate!!
my lil siz and her choc.. :)

anyway... last wed, i was damn bored at home so..... me and my sizters cam whore at home.. ignore the pictures coming up next if u dun wanna see wat we did.. hahaha.. it was damn funny after looking at all the photos we took.. it started pretty but it got worse down the line.. some ppl may be ashamed to put their ugly faces but not me.. hahaha.. btw, ignore the white spots on my siz face, that's a cream that she always use in the morning.. hehe.. i shall end here alrite.. ENJOYZZ!! :)

i love tiz pic!! hahaha.. zana's face is so hilarious!!

--Merci tout le monde--
11:57:00 AM

my confessions..
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
hello there.. i wanna confess something to someone.. who will be the qn you are asking next right?? hahaha.. who is you! yes, you! i wanna say that im going to watch confession of a shopaholic wif my galfrenz tiz thurs, if the cinema is booked like hell, thn will watch it on fri.. i cant wait to watch the movie coz from the ad, i can see that it would totally be one of my favourite movies.. woohoo.. i kept on updating but i actually skipped a few days that i spent wif my family.. anyway, here's the latest news.. my niece is healthy again.. she had fever for the past few days but she is well now.. being the energetic little masya sufia.. oh ya, my elder soz bought her a new care bear, green in colour.. her pink one had to be wash ASAP coz it has an unpleasant smell.. hehehe.. mayb not to my niece i guess..

last sun, me n my family wen to compass point which was a 15mins walk away frm my elder siz house.. we wen to buy some groceries and the care bear at the kiddy palace.. after tat, we wen to eat at the banquet.. i ordered laksa while the rest ordered wat they want.. hehe.. i forgot wat they ordered.. my laksa was freaking hot! yes, hot! hot! hot! npt spicy but HOT!!! so my younger siz resolve the situation by putting some ice to the gravy.. it may look disgusting but it works.. i can finally dig in to my laksa.. while i was enjoying my laksa, really2 enjoying, thn someone or maybe a lady arnd her 20s tap on my shoulder.. i turn arnd and say, yes?.. she asked me if i was frm qiaonan primary sch, thn i replied ya.. she thn introduce herself to me by saying that she is my fren (Rashidi), sizter.. they were sitting opposite of me.. i was like Rashidi?? oh ya.. thn i remembered him.. it has been 8 yrs since i met him.. we just waved and smiled at each other.. i didnt noe wat to say across the table coz my family was there, his family was there.. so i just did wat i did.. smile and wave.. and i continue eating.. hahaha..

while sipping my soup, i can see frm the corner of my eye that Rashidi's parents were looking at me but i just ignored.. thn they walked pass us and wat did i do.. i didnt say goodbye or something, i ate my laksa.. HAHAHA!! ignorant me.. hehehe.. my younger siz said that his parents look very delighted to see me as if i was going to be part of their family.. this is how i replied, huh?? nonsense.. and i continue eating till the last drop of gravy.. YUMMY!! i didnt even get his contact number nor knows whr he stays.. so looks like if i wanna bump into him again, i have to go to compass point.. hehehe.. now i know that singapore is really small, you can bump into a person that u haven seen for years and then remembering those past times u had wif him/her.. haha.. btw, he is JUST a friend, thats it.. no more..

oh i forgot to tell you that last saturday outing wif galfrenz was GREAT!! played pool, arcade and we ate at parkway parade.. my stomach was bloated like hell.. almost wanted to puke coz after eating, we wen to buy ice cream at scoops.. haha.. silly me.. the highlight of the outing was, i played dance,dance revolution wif galfren and my favourite, para para paradise.. galfren took a video of me playing para2.. hate to admit it, it was kinda fun and funny at the same time.. hehehe.. ok thn.. y dont i end of wif some pics, starting frm my outing wif galfrenz at ecp.. :) enjoy.. :)

me and galfren.. :)

my all time galrenz.. :) the rainbow we saw outside the arcade.. can ya see it?? trip to compass point wif family..

me n my cousin.. :) me eating a giant sesame seed ball.. :)

my younger siz.. :)
my laksa wif ice.. :)

my niece sleeping wif a pose.. :) hahaha.. :)

my cousin.. :)

me enjoying my laska.. hahaha.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
1:46:00 PM

meeting wif SNT mates..
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
hey y'all.. had a meeting today at 12pm wif all my dance mates but looks like most of them werent present for it.. the air has been cleared for those hu came just now.. next meeting i will just tell everyone wat my fren asked me to say.. haha..anyway, i alrdy wash all the make up brushes and it look really new.. thx to shereen wif her secret ingredient to wash the brushes.. the ingredient is to wash your brushes wif ur facial cleanser, it really2 works.. hmmm.. other than that, there is a new make up bag and it was really pretty and big.. tats all for now i guess.. TODDLESS!! :)
the new make up bag!! :)
the old one... :(
these are important for all the make up stuffs..
those hu were present including me(was taking the pic).. :)
draining the place to put all the make up brushes..
laying all the brushes tat have been scrub and wash by ME! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
4:49:00 PM

upcoming outing..
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
hello everyone.. hmm... wat shall i post abt.. oh ya, im having a get together bbq wif my secondary frenz on the 6th april at ecp... if u wanna tag along do sms me or suhailah coz she is in charge.. its $8 bucks per head at have to finalise your attendance by 18 march.. do msh me or her okey.. anyway, i also received a msg frm my galfren abt the outing to ecp on the 21st march.. maybe after tat, we can go and play pool.. its been a while since i do that.. during my sec sch, i will always play pool at least 5 times per week wif * but now * is dead.. hahaha... just kiddin.. oh ya, not for getting abt the chalet.. dunno whether the idea is still in or out, have to msg mai abt it.. i just hope the weather will be beautiful for my outing days and i wish all my sec frenz will be able to make it for the bbq.. tats all for now alrite.. take care! :)

PS: aishah!! i nak video.... :)

--Merci tout le monde--
2:38:00 PM

updates & pics for the performance.. :)
Sunday, March 15, 2009
hey!!! today was my dance performance at oub plaza and everything went well despite a little chaos here and there.. anyway, the weather made the floor slippery and made us dance carefully during the performance.. our dance group was the only performance for the event [Saint Patrick's Day ( Irish National Day)] because the Irish Dance Folks wasnt able to perform coz they had to jump arnd and the floor was wet so they decided not to perform.. end up, we were the only performance for dance... the rest are all band performance.. im kinda tired now after waking up early.. so i will leave u guys witht he pics okey.. btw, no one from SNT came down and support if u wanna noe.. very disappointing.. the only supporters were, aishas's bf, kathy's bf and my sizter and all the irish ppl, no one from SNT came down alrite.. just to let u noe.. bye for now..


--Merci tout le monde--
9:53:00 PM

a performance tiz sunday..
Thursday, March 12, 2009
hey!! guess wat?! i have a performance this sunday at uob(oub) plaza at raffles for saint patrick day.. received a msg frm my snt babies and say that we have a performance and asked if i was free.. like hell yeah!!! im in!! its been a while since i dance wif thm.. come down and support us okey if u are freee.. :) hmm, the dance piece is fast! i love it but its tiring man coz its been a while since i dance so my leg muscles were working very hard on one day.. dance practice till saturday and sunday is the real show.. so far so good.. the song is half done, another half to go.. hehehe..

updates on pics during last sat wedding.. :) me, shereen and my sizterz took photos with the rose coz its damn pretty! :)



elder siz
younger siz
me and shereen.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
10:52:00 PM

Monday, March 9, 2009
hey!! i was bored and i came across tiz pic.. if i tagged you means that u are always remembered and you suit that character hahaha, if i nvr tagged u, u are also remebered so dun be sad okey.. i treasure all my frenz.. :) take care!

go here to see>> PIC!

--Merci tout le monde--
2:51:00 PM

weekends over.. :(
Sunday, March 8, 2009
hey!! i spent my weekends at my siz house.. like of course rite??!! haha.. aniwae, im currently waiting for my results which is available after 12 MARCH!! im scared man.. seriously.. wish me good luck ok.. i just hope that im able to continue my studies.. will post you my results after i have receive it alrite.. *crossing my fingers* hehehe.. i shall stop here for now.. i wanna change my blogskin soon.. will miss my wonka bar.. hahaha.. TAKE CARE!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
9:56:00 PM

home alone..
Friday, March 6, 2009
hey!! im alone at home now.. bloghopping at watching movies online.. im going to order McDonald's soon coz i dun feel like eating macaroni for now.. hmm.. i guess, i'll order mcspicy double later.. woohoo.. :) omg! i cant stay at home coz i will start binging like hell.. hehehe.. food all arnd me and i feel like eating all of it.. ate chocolates today after a few days apart wif it.. hehe.. i sound as if the chocolate is my bf.. bf for now i guess.. hehe.. facebook under maintenance again! thus i cant log in to play my favourite game ps.. the rest of my family members is at my siz house (so called "chalet").. i dun now y i dun feel like going coz my stomach hurts as its my 2nd day of red light.. u noe wat i mean rite?? haha.. shld i or shld i not buy McDonald's?? hmm?? i'll decide again ltr.. im going to watch the jack neo's english drama series now.. im soo addicted to it.. so fun.. take care gorgeous.. :)

pics of bike asia.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
8:51:00 PM

Thursday, March 5, 2009
hey there.. i kept on updating but i forgot to post photos.. hahaha.. aniwaes, i'll start off wif zana's bdae party.. take a look... :)

now.... let me move on to the pumps that shereen bought for me(thx gal!) and the heels that i just bought.. :)
pumps bought by shereen.. we have the same pair.. haha.. GORGEOUS!! :)

heels bought by me at mondo.. :) hehehe.. :)

tats all for now.. the rest of the photos will be available at my facebook.. TAKE CARE!! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
2:46:00 PM


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