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iftar with sec mates!!
Tuesday, September 8, 2009
hello peeps.. yesterday was such a fun2 day! hmm.. let me start from my journey in the bus to geylang.. hahaha.. i was going to geylang to break fast with my sec frenz and it was a 20 min journey in the bus. so i took out my dear mp3 and switch it on.. my face expression was happy i tell you thn when i tried to switch it on, the bat was low! hahaha.. i kinda laugh at myself coz i was so confident that it was going to work..

reach geylang at arnd 6pm and there was suhailah chopping tables for all of us.. thx to her we all got seats to break our fast.. we were waiting for liyana who was suppose to reach at 5.30pm and she ended up reaching at 6.30pm.. hahaha.. (btul2 punye janji melayu! hahaha...) anyway, i decided to eat western and i ordered black pepper chicken with spaghetti and coleslaw.. and when my oder arrive, it was black pepper chicken with spaghetti and french fries and i was like wat?! nvrminlah makcik, its ok.. the chicken tast so weird i tell you.. i kinda force myself to eat most of it.. hehe.. oh ya, thn the story about the drink i ordered.. i ordered 2 ice milo and 1 lime juice and gave the cashier $10 and sge gave me back $3.50.. so i assume that the ice milo was $2.50 lah.. all the while when we were breaking fast, we talk about how expensive the ice milo was and ya! it was expensive.. i decided to go to the cashier and clear the price of the ice milo.. the ice milo actually cost $2 and the lady gave me the wrong change.. understandable... but still $2 for ice milo?! CRAZY SIA!!

so thn we walk arnd the bazaar geylang to see any interesting baju kurung and kebaya however my eyes are blinded by the sequins of the indonesian style baju kebaya that was so over the TOP! why would anyone wanna whr that for hari raya?? i juz dun get it.. it was alrdy 9pm and we were on our way back home.. inside my heart i was talking to myself it was too early to go home! and here comes liyana with her genius idea which was to watch FINAL DESTINATION 4 (3D)!!! woohoooo!! i was so hype and so was the rest that was remaining..

so we super duper happy inside the bus and was trying to get hold of the movie timings.. thx to my phone, we got to see the timings (after much waiting for the smses... ahahah..)... so we stop at the bustop near tamp sec and walked to tm coz we still have 1 hr till the movie starts..

i must say that the movie was great and to watch with your crazy frenz is also better!! hahaha.. i shall end here and say that i cant wait for this year hari raya gathering.. :) TODDLESS!!

in the bus.. (ignore the person behind! :))
in the cinema (with our COOL goggles)
goggles with sun glass style..

--Merci tout le monde--
7:19:00 PM

my magnum days!!! & updates..
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
ello ello... i know i have not been updating coz yup LAZY!! hahaha.. i admit.. anyway, nowadays, my weekdays are spent with my team mates at skul doing our MAJOR YEAR PROJECT!! yup.. im going to graduate soon.. seems like time is passing by so fast.. fasting month has been great and i had a lot of cravings..the latest craving was MAGNUM GOLDEN HAZELNUT ICE CREAM!! as promise.. i took my picture eating it and enjoying every bite i took.. hohoho.. bought it at 11.30pm at the 7-11 next to my blk.. hahaha.. here r the pics.. hahah.. oh ya, i included a pic of me and my team mates at the Gifts & Stationery Show at Suntec City.. hahaha.. so long y'all... selamat berpuasa semua! :)

--Merci tout le monde--
10:02:00 PM


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