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tiring day for me and 4 more papers to go..
Saturday, February 23, 2008
moshi moshi peeps.. im suppose to study for my exam papers BUT i went SHOPPING instead!! hahaha.. i guess my frenz are stressing while im like enjoyin myself.. okey2.. tiz is the recap of wat i did todae..

met my elder siz and my irritatin niece at 3pm.. we went to orchard and met my cousin siz at tangs.. tat was abt 3.30pm... thn we wen to zara.. of coz we bought sum clothes which definitely cost a lot.. my cousin siz bought a black cardigan that was simple but cost her arnd 60 bucks.. well.. zara u noe.. hahaha... my siz bought for her daughter a pair of socks that cost $15... only 2 pieces of socks.. aiyoh... waste money ah but once a while can lah... if everydae, confirm die.. i did not buy any clothes coz the design was kinda simple n i dun really like it but the atmosphere of the shop was nice.. after tat, we wen burger king to eat.. my stomach was grumbling and i ate double mushroom swiss.. do u noe tat i hated tat burger but "sumone" teach me how to eat it and now it has been to my liking.. my favourite burger.. my mum and siz ate the 3 piece patty tat was huge man.. i couldnt put it into my mouth.. it was so damn enormous.. my cousin siz also ate a burger but i dunno wats the name coz i nvr eat it b4..

okey2.. after tat we wen to ngee ann city.. bought an iron which DOES NOT WORK!!!! ARGH!!! didnt check first b4 buying it.. wat a mistake.. i think im goin back there tml and change the iron.. WASTE OF TIME!!!! thn we wen esprit and bought clothes and socks.. after tat we wen isetan.. the first place i wen was levis.. woohoo... i was ready to buy this shirt tat look damn nice but wen i try it on it looks kinda weird.. so i decided not to buy even though it was so damn nice.. it was a long sleeve shirt tat cost $100 ++ if im not wrong.. im quite sad lah but thn i saw a mickey mouse shirt which was damn pretty man.. i noe its childish but it looks good on me.. SERIOUS!!! thn i look at the shop name and it was M industries.. tats my galfren fav place to shop.. so i bought the shirt that cost only $39.90..

thn we wen to the trunk shop.. yup.. tats the name of the shop.. my siz bought two dresses tat cost $50++ each.. thn we wen to takashimaya and bought my niece the brainy baby vcd.. she likes to see that vcd.. also bought her a new pacifier hanger which has a duck face on it.. damn cute juz like my niece.. hehe.. my cousin siz bought this weird things that she collects.. errmm.. if i dun remember the name ah but it cost $7 each.. thn i looked at my watch and guess wat, it was already 9.30pm.. meanin we have been shoppin for hours.. lucky for me i wore my fav denim shoes but still it was damn tiring..

aniwae, i have to study tomorrow but i wonder wat time i goin to do tat.. haiyah.. cant wait for all the papers to finish and tat will be on 28 feb 2006 [thursdae].. wish me luck ya.. bubbye... :)

--Merci tout le monde--
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