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Monday, June 16, 2008

hi peeps.. todae i wen to skul to send an application form for tp scholarship.. brought zana along wif me.. we kinda like tour around the skul and she said to me tat tp was huge and wanted to skul there.. she's juz 3yrs old.. every1 was lookin at her and said tat she was cute. she had a big butterfly clip on her head.. veri funny yet damn cute.. aniwae, i saw my fren jordon and ask him where he was goin and he said tat he was goin to eat thn after tat he's goin to east coast... he actually wen to skul juz to eat coz tp food are cheap..

after tat i wen to bugis wif my family coz my mum wanted to find a matching heels for her new bonia bag.. the design for the high heels were nt so nice and she decided not to buy.. i wen to look for cute handbags and i wen to guy laroche.. it was kinda expensive but nice.. a small handbag cost $89 but i decided not to buy tat.. thn i wen to braun buffel and look at the bags.. it was on sale.. i wanted to buy the handbag but thn i decided to buy it another dae.. after all the shopping, we wen to eat at burger king.. i ate my favourite double mushroom swiss.. it was my first time finishin the whole meal but i didnt finish the drink.. not counted rite.. i noe.. after eatin we wen back home by mrt.. it was so packed n i saw tiz cute guy.. i think he thought tat i was married coz i was pushing a baby tat my mom babysit in the stroller.. he juz smiled at me n i smiled back.. hahaha.. veri funny.. ok thn.. tats all for now.. i wan to go n watch movie now...

--Merci tout le monde--
5:25:00 PM


Nura is my name Dora is my nickname
I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Im a happy-go-lucky but crazy kinda girl..

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