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gonna have a happy weekend..
Friday, July 4, 2008
helo everyone.. i got back all my test paper except for my organisational behaviour. my biz stats i got 50/50, my open technology 41.5/50, my marketing 34/50, french listening test 19/20, french writing test 36/40.. my fren told me tat for my OB i got 21/30 but he's not so sure so i dont bother to go and ask my tutor whom is seldom arnd about my marks.. i dunno y but she never arnd.. it muz be her tight schedule.. hahaha.. nvr mind lah.. aniwae, i join tagged coz my younger siz added me so now i start having more frenz.. hahaha.. seriously i didnt noe wat is was at first but now i noe.. its a place whr you can find new frenz and meet thm.. however i dont believe in meeting strangers unless im being accompanied by someone.. been there, done tat and nvr do it again.. seram!!! hahaha.. aniwae, tml will be going shopping wif my bestie.. i cant wait man.. confirm i'll take pictures and show ya okey.. ahhaha.. i accompanied my mum todae coz she wanna make a new atm card, after tat we wen to AIA and after tat we wen NTUC.. bought quite a lot of things.. me, i bought a dars white chocolate.. it was my first time tasting it and i find it very delicious.. gonna buy it again.. we thn head home after buying all the things coz i feeling quite sleepy.. wen we reach home, i watch ellen at 5 till 6pm.. after tat i wen to sleep.. hahaha.. i woke up at 8.30pm and switched on the tv and saw ocean's 11.. it was one of my fav show.. its so damn nice and i dun min watching it again.. hahaha.. klah.. i gtg now.. wanna watch tv again.. bubbye!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
6:10:00 PM


Nura is my name Dora is my nickname
I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Im a happy-go-lucky but crazy kinda girl..

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i love my family, friends and especially YOU!

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