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its my bdae baby!!!!
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hey there peeps.. i juz finish celebrating my bdae wif everyone i noe.. ok2.. let me wat happen frm yesterdae till todae alrite.. firstly, i didnt wen to POM lecture coz i was watching miss universe, hahaha.. miss VENEZUELA SOOOO PRETTY!!!! hahaha.. aniwae, i wen 2 skul my my dearest galfren pass me my bdae present.. she was scared tat she wont b able to give it to me 2dae so she gave it to me yesterdae.. she wrote me a card and she wrote it in MALAY OK!!! damn sweet rite!!!!! i was so touched man.... haahaha.. she took a long time translating english to malay but it was very2 nice of her to do tat.. thn i wen back home and my bestie called me and also gave me an advanced bdae present.. he say tat he will have dance lesson todae so he scared he cannot give me on time.. both of thm told me to open the present at 12am.. my bestie made a portfolio of me,myself and i.. it was so damn sweet lah.. i seriously didnt expect him to do tat juz 4 me man.. i was so shocked coz i thought it was a normal file so i wanted to put my papers in it but it turns out to be a portfolio of me.. tat is definitely the bestest gift i got frm him and all the other gifts were also great.. my siz bought me a new slipper mayb bcoz i've been pestering her wif my slippers.. hahaha.. thnk u so much wa!!!! tiz was the fun i had yesterdae..

tiz was wat happen to me todae.. had OB tut at 9am and wen i got into the class jenny gav me a bdae handshake.. hahaha.. she so funny man.. i seriously felt damn sleepy during the tut.. after the tut finish jenny pass me my bdae present which she shared wif dearest deirdre.. thnk u u guys!!!!! i took a lot of pictures man.. oh ya, after the tut, wen to e biz centre to do OB project which is FINALLY DONE!!!!! hahaha.. galfren bought me a hershey choc, kristen sang me a bdae song and gave me 2 choc and a cute and colourful pencil.. all my other frenz wish me a happy bdae.. it was very nice of everyone... hahaha... i waited in e biz till 6pm bcoz of french lecture.. the cute afro guy whom is malia eye candy was sitting behind me and jenny.. i snap a pic of him and send it to malia.. hahaha.. damn funny sia.. i had loud laughs todae.. hehheehe... after my lecture, my family and cousins wen to eat at bedok corner.. thought of eating at tampines mal but my uncle wanted to go sumwhere else so we wen to bedok corner.. ate a lot.. not tat much actuallie coz was not feeling tat hungry.. i really2 had a great tyme todae and to top it off, my god sister vomitted on me.. hahaha.. i wasnt mad at her bcoz she wasnt feeling tat well.. its ok zana...

and here's the list of moi present..............
- my cousin sister bought me a vintage shirt.. damn prettty man..
- jenny and deirdre bought me a very cute baby pooh frame.. damn CANTIK!!!
- kristen bought me a colourful pencil & fererro rocher & kit kat..
- my elder gave me a manican for you to hang ur necklace
- my bro-in-law bought me a new PROSPORTS bag,
- my cute lil niece bought me kinder bueno choc,
- my galfren gave me a black n grey long sleeve shirt & bracelet which is soooo beautiful,
- my bestie bought me a new white sling bag which is damn gorgeous & made me a portfolio
- lastly is the new Ipanema slipper which i got frm my youger siz & we will be watchin the dark knight tiz THURSDAY!!!! I CANT WAIT MAN!!!!!


to those hu wanna see the pics,,, go here..


--Merci tout le monde--
9:34:00 PM


Nura is my name Dora is my nickname
I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Im a happy-go-lucky but crazy kinda girl..

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i love my family, friends and especially YOU!

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