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i've got a back ache
Monday, August 4, 2008
hey peeps... todae is a boring dae for me coz i spent the whole dae at home watching tv except for 30mins i wen to the NTUC wif my mum,siz n my lil niece.. my lil niece dun wan me to carry her n she would struggle until i put her down.. it was tiring chasing after her.. since she can alrdy walk, she would wan to walk until she is tired.. tats how energetic she is.. wen to the NTUC to stock up the kitchen n i bought chocs n candy for moi.. hehehehe... tats like the only thing i buy there.. sumtimes i buy ice cream but didnt have the mood to eat it.. aniwae, my niece is now sleeping behind me waiting for her parents hu haven reach home yet maybe still at the rock concert.. hahaha.. my bro in law is a fan of amy search so they bought tickets to see him sing.. if u noe hu he is, u would also like to go.. well,im broke so no chance.. :(

after goin to the supermarket wen back home n watch tv AGAIN.. im still watching tv now.. oh ya, i discovered a new toy from McDonalds.. there is like a beijing 2008 toy if u buy a happy meal n i didnt noe it was a chop.. u shld noe wats a chop rite.. well, i didnt noe it was a chop until it was discovered by my niece herself[she's juz 1 yrs old].. i saw tat n i was like amaze n i start choping her hand n mine too.. now we had red pictures on our hand.. hahaha... she's very cute todae.. everytime she see me dance, she would also follow wat i do n that makes me wan to bite her... she's becoming smarter by the dae n now she can climb my sofa... i was damn shocked wen she did tat... hahahaha.. juz hope she can slow down coz nowadays she will juz walk arnd the house n even go in the toilet n make herself wet.. hehehe.. she very adventurous ah.. TOO ADVENTUROUS... hahaha.. i still love her though...

hmmm... tml there dance trainin at 6.30 till 9.00pm... gonna have practice for pentas.. n i have to teach my fren hu didnt come for the sat trainin the steps at 6pm.. lucky i finish at 5pm n i think i'll be spending my 1 hr in the biz tech lab surfing the net.. hahaha... i dunno whether to go for tml lect but i print the notes alrdy mah, might as well i juz go rite?? its been 2 weeks since i go lect.. i like the lecturer coz he always makes me laugh.. he's funny man... i think i'll go n i hope my eyes can open for tml... i need to get a gd sleep man.. i really need it... my back is aching.. i need sumone to massage my back for FREE... anyone can help me???? hahaha... k lah.. saya nak pergi tidur.. mata pun dah ngantuk.. selamat tinggal.. TODDLES!!!!! :) :)

--Merci tout le monde--
12:03:00 AM


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