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woohoo.. she's back.. :)
Sunday, August 10, 2008
hey peeps... sorie for the late update... hehehe.. aniwae, let me tell u wat happen on fridae.. i had a bbq wif all my BIT mates at pasir ris park area 2 pit 30 n 31.. it was loads of fun man... i didnt go for otbs lecture coz i woke up late.. hahaha.. i think i got post abt it before.. hahaha.. i woke up at arnd 11.45am n go downstairs to buy rubber band to make ZERO POINT!!! it was like my favourite game during my pri days.. hahaha.. played wif it during the bbq n everyone didnt noe tat i could actually jump very high.. hahaha.. seems like they now noe more abt me.. we also played lingo which made my back damn pain now.. i wen from the bbq at 6am n guess wat?!!! i have STOMACH CRAMP!!! it happen to me at abt 5am.. everyone at the bbq noe tat i was having stomach cramp... i thought bcoz i was hungry but it got worse wen i got back home... i wash my face n tried to sleep but the cramp keeps hurting.. i woke up my siz n she told me to go to the doctor next to my house.. she said mayb i was having indigestion coz she also had it once.. she said the symtoms were the same.. so she accompanied me to the doctor n she was RIGHT!!! i had indigestion.. the doctor said tat i didnt relax my stomach after i ate thn i suddenly realised tat during the bbq, after i juz ate, i started playing zero pint.. so tat was the main cause of my illness.. it really hurts man... but im okey now.. juz tat im on a strict diet.. the doctor said, NO SOLID FOOD, NO SODA DRINKS, NO MEAT!! ONLY SOUP!!! BORING!!!!!! nvr mind lah... i have to listen to the doctor to get well.. my mum is back home n she's kinda noisy.. coz ppl came to my house n she ask me to do tat lah, to tis lah n i juz tell her to relax.. i noe wat im doing.. haiyah.. mothers ah... cant stop nagging.. i still love her lah.. hahahaha.. k lah ppl.. i have to do my biz stats tut now.. TODDLES!!!!

*enjoy the pics*

my medicine.. :(

tiz is my dare.. i had to kiss cw on the cheek.. hahaha.. cw was SHY!!!

in the early morning..

all the BIT peeps..

us again..

pardon my WEIRD face.. hahaha..


the uncle wif the flag.. random-ness..

all the yr 2s..

candid shot..

crazy peeps..

us again..


all the gerlz..

wahid's face funny lah.. hahaha..

nice pic... :)


tiz was taken wen we were sending malia back.. guess wat??
there was a car coming towards us.. RUN!!!!

back to cam whoring....

me n malia...

me n malia again...


enjoying the sea..
fail jumping shot..
fail again..
successful jumping shot!!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
6:00:00 PM


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I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
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