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all abt malaysia..
Monday, September 22, 2008
hello people.... i wanted to post tiz yesterdae but was to beat to do so.. we sat sail at 6.30am to bugis to board the singapore express.. we includes me,my mum,my siz and my mum's frenz.. i didnt noe tat technology has taken a drastic change there.. usually during the olden days, u need to buy the ticket from the uncle, now u need to pay wen u board the bus n u will get ur ticket.. i was furious wif the uncle coz i dun have a clue how to buy the ticket, he nvr tell me.. he took my $10 n change wif coins.. i told my mum n siz n they were like whr is the ticket thn i told thm the uncle nvr gave me, he only give me $10 worth of coins.. thn another uncle came n say tat u will get ur ticket once u board the bus.. i was like cursing the uncle coz he didnt tell us abt it..

aniwae, we board the bus n it was full.. no place to seat except for single seat, my mum's fren told us to board the bus so tat we will not get stuck in the traffic jam n all of us seat far apart n i sat nxt to a chinese guy.. quite gd looking.. hahahax.. in the bus i write all my particulars in the white card coz i forgot to do it in the morning.. the ride to the woodlands immigration was smooth coz there wasnt too much traffic.. after tat, we headed to malaysia's immigration. my lane was the slowest n im the last person.. no one was behind me.. the immigration officer was damn slow n wen it was my turn, she looked at my passport n saw tat the last visit to malaysia was 2006 n she said "wah.. lama tak datang sini" :long time nvr visit here.. thn i replied ya, im studying.. thn she replied oh,ok.. so it has been 2 yrs since i wen to malaysia..

wen i step in malaysia, i was happy coz im not in singapore animore.. hehehe.. thn we headed to larkin n took a taxi from there to my mum's fren place.. the house was cozy n on the way there saw quite a lot of things, live chicken crossing the street, a big lizard: komodo dragon n lots more.. i didnt noe tat chicken can climb trees.. the most fun part of the trip was shopping.. wen to lots of places in malaysia.. lucky for us, my mum's fren have a 7 seater car n she drove us arnd.. it was all girls day out.. me n my siz were the youngest of coz.. it was very sunny in malaysia n my throat was feeling rather sore.. drank lots of water during break fast.. it was very fun n i couldnt capture the moments coz i forgot to bring my camera.. !@#$%^&*!! i really enjoyed myself there.. we also took a car home n i arrive home at 12am.. thx mum for the one day holiday.. woohoo!!!

todae, my niece n my elder siz is sleepng here.. my elder siz bought chocolate eclairs,fruit tarts n cheese tars.. i've been longing to eat chocolate eclairs n i got to eat it todae.. DELICIOUS!!! hope tmr will be lots of fun.. TODDLESS!!!

*8 more days..

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