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shopping wif zues
Sunday, October 12, 2008
yo yo yo people... i noe its been a while since i've blog bcoz my schedule is pack wif my dance training, hari raya, me wanting to change to a new phone TODAY n lots more.. let me recap wat happen during the past few days.. oh ya, i seriously want to change my phone but i dun noe wat to change it to.. nvr mind i'll juz look arnd the store to see wat model capture my attention.. aniwaes, on sat i wen shopping wif zues[my younger siz].. suppose to sat sail at 1pm but she was still sleeping.. i help mum in the kitchen till 2pm.. thn i wen to bathe n wen i finish bathing she juz woke up.. so she took her time n we sat sail at 4pm.. i woke up at 12pm juz to go out at 1pm n at last we wen out at 4pm.. nvrmind at least i got to eat my mum's cooking.. on my shopping list are:

1) slipper
2) black jeans
3) nurin's bdae present
4) a plushie for zana
5) carebear for masya sufia
6) compact powder for moi
7) wet tissue to remove make-up[for my thurs performance at tp audi 1]
8) hoody for siz

hahaha... it was so fun going shopping wif zues[a new nickname for my siz.. hahax].. i took pics of the things i bought n i juz heard a shocking news... cannot tell u although i did tell my malay dance frenz.. was suppose to get a new phone todae wif my cousin but sumtin crop up n she bought my hp by herself.. nvr mind lah.. wen skul reopen i show u my new phone k.. for those hu noe me, u shld noe wat hp im buying.. hahaha.. my computer got attacked by a major virus tat cause my comp to suddenly shut down.. being a comp expert[not sooo expert] i figure i had to install a new anti virus to scan my whole comp.. currently using avg but i've change to AVAST!!! its better thn before n the virus got deleted thx to avast.. the virus is called backdoor trojan n cause my comp to have blue screen.. im happy now it is gone.. im back to blogging people.. wish me all the best for my performance k.. TODDLESS!!!

my new dupe slipper.. woohoo!!!!

bought the slipper from num..

my wet tissue bought it at watson thx to....

tiz brochure tat told me abt it..

a blankie for nurin bought it frm mothercare

my new powder from za bought it at watson.. i love the case..

an ice cream plushie for zana.. i noe its adorable rite!!!
lastly, a YELLOW carebear for my niece.. bought it at kiddy's palace..

--Merci tout le monde--
1:24:00 PM


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I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Im a happy-go-lucky but crazy kinda girl..

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