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end of camp back to normal life..
Friday, December 19, 2008
hey gorgeous people.. miss me?? hahaha.. aniwae, i was having a camp for the past 2 days n tat was one of the reason i didnt blog the nxt reason is bcoz im lazy... hahaha.. even whn im on holidays im stuck wif project... my body is aching all over frm the camp mayb bcoz i was one of the FA (facilitator) of the group... lots of yr 3 people though, most of thm were in my group... instead of me teaching thm games to play, they teach me the games.. hahaha... very funny.. i was the only girl in the group n they bullied me.. in their grp cheer, they put my name in it coz they didnt like the group name given by the committee which as IGIl (a music instrument).. the theme for the camp was musucal so all the groups have a musical instrument name... for example, sitar, igil, cello n udu.. there were 4 grps ont the first day but on the 2nd day there were only one grp coz the rest have gone home coz they got sumtin on they sum of thm have NS thingy to do..

aniwae, since there was only one grp left which was the UDU grp, they decided tat all the FA n programmers will make one team so that there will be 2 grps to play the final game.. it was fun running arnd the skul shouting like a mad person but it was definitely tiring... good job to the committee for doing this camp coz it was much better than the last camp i've attended. although there were a few cock ups here n there, they still manage to pull thru.. sooo congrats!!! the night walk was fun!!!! i was one of the ghost n i was alone in the room.. they put me alone coz they say im brave.. hahaha.. wif my make up tat freak thm out even whn there was light.. hahaha.. i scared lots of people including those hu act like "abeng".. u shld hve been in my shoes whn i look at their faces n they were scared of me.. some switch on the bloody light coz they were scared, n even whn the lights were on, they were scared of me.. KENTALS TO YOU GUYS WHOM SWITCH ON THE LIGHTS!!!!! hahaha... most of the girls didnt was to go in my room coz they were really really scared.. i do not have any pics coz the camera man was joseph... soo all the pics will be uploaded by him of by one of the committee.. if i saw the pics i post the link in my blog okey.. hmmm, i guess tat all for now alrite.. im eating chocolates bought by my galfren for Christmas.. thx soo much girl... LOVE YA and TODDLESS!!!

--Merci tout le monde--
2:40:00 PM


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