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my confessions..
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
hello there.. i wanna confess something to someone.. who will be the qn you are asking next right?? hahaha.. who is you! yes, you! i wanna say that im going to watch confession of a shopaholic wif my galfrenz tiz thurs, if the cinema is booked like hell, thn will watch it on fri.. i cant wait to watch the movie coz from the ad, i can see that it would totally be one of my favourite movies.. woohoo.. i kept on updating but i actually skipped a few days that i spent wif my family.. anyway, here's the latest news.. my niece is healthy again.. she had fever for the past few days but she is well now.. being the energetic little masya sufia.. oh ya, my elder soz bought her a new care bear, green in colour.. her pink one had to be wash ASAP coz it has an unpleasant smell.. hehehe.. mayb not to my niece i guess..

last sun, me n my family wen to compass point which was a 15mins walk away frm my elder siz house.. we wen to buy some groceries and the care bear at the kiddy palace.. after tat, we wen to eat at the banquet.. i ordered laksa while the rest ordered wat they want.. hehe.. i forgot wat they ordered.. my laksa was freaking hot! yes, hot! hot! hot! npt spicy but HOT!!! so my younger siz resolve the situation by putting some ice to the gravy.. it may look disgusting but it works.. i can finally dig in to my laksa.. while i was enjoying my laksa, really2 enjoying, thn someone or maybe a lady arnd her 20s tap on my shoulder.. i turn arnd and say, yes?.. she asked me if i was frm qiaonan primary sch, thn i replied ya.. she thn introduce herself to me by saying that she is my fren (Rashidi), sizter.. they were sitting opposite of me.. i was like Rashidi?? oh ya.. thn i remembered him.. it has been 8 yrs since i met him.. we just waved and smiled at each other.. i didnt noe wat to say across the table coz my family was there, his family was there.. so i just did wat i did.. smile and wave.. and i continue eating.. hahaha..

while sipping my soup, i can see frm the corner of my eye that Rashidi's parents were looking at me but i just ignored.. thn they walked pass us and wat did i do.. i didnt say goodbye or something, i ate my laksa.. HAHAHA!! ignorant me.. hehehe.. my younger siz said that his parents look very delighted to see me as if i was going to be part of their family.. this is how i replied, huh?? nonsense.. and i continue eating till the last drop of gravy.. YUMMY!! i didnt even get his contact number nor knows whr he stays.. so looks like if i wanna bump into him again, i have to go to compass point.. hehehe.. now i know that singapore is really small, you can bump into a person that u haven seen for years and then remembering those past times u had wif him/her.. haha.. btw, he is JUST a friend, thats it.. no more..

oh i forgot to tell you that last saturday outing wif galfrenz was GREAT!! played pool, arcade and we ate at parkway parade.. my stomach was bloated like hell.. almost wanted to puke coz after eating, we wen to buy ice cream at scoops.. haha.. silly me.. the highlight of the outing was, i played dance,dance revolution wif galfren and my favourite, para para paradise.. galfren took a video of me playing para2.. hate to admit it, it was kinda fun and funny at the same time.. hehehe.. ok thn.. y dont i end of wif some pics, starting frm my outing wif galfrenz at ecp.. :) enjoy.. :)

me and galfren.. :)

my all time galrenz.. :) the rainbow we saw outside the arcade.. can ya see it?? trip to compass point wif family..

me n my cousin.. :) me eating a giant sesame seed ball.. :)

my younger siz.. :)
my laksa wif ice.. :)

my niece sleeping wif a pose.. :) hahaha.. :)

my cousin.. :)

me enjoying my laska.. hahaha.. :)

--Merci tout le monde--
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Nura is my name Dora is my nickname
I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Im a happy-go-lucky but crazy kinda girl..

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i love my family, friends and especially YOU!

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