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Saturday, March 6, 2010
hello hello... ya,i noe... im goin back on my words coz i've been missing AGAIN...wat can i do?? so many things to be done and very little time to do BUT..... im FREE now... no commitments and no more assignments or projects!!! weeeee.... i can finally say im a poly graduate its just that i have to wait for the real graduation ceremony held in april/may.. anyway, i had my graduation nite yesterday at Rendezvous Hotel.. it was fine dining but i must say that the waiter/waitress wasnt as high skilled as i wish they was.. the food spill all over the table and it was DIRTY.. seriously.. they even had to take a table cloth and wipe it.. is it just me or i think that the guys there it like below 20 and inexperience... never the least the food was also not great except for a few of the dishes.. wat amaze me was i didnt eat the chicken which was my favourite food bcoz it was DAMN salty i tell you... yucky!!! lucky the games was fun and i really enjoyed myself doing the YMCA and of coz our group won.. hahahha... taufiq was really awesome wif his darn hot moves HAHAHAHAHA!!!! i can still remember wat he did yestersay.. so damn funny... i really felt bloated not bcoz of the food but due to the laughter...

had an awesome time chatting wif malia till 3.30am and we wish we were partying wif those guys out there.. if only we could, if only we had transport right.. it like a key ingredient in a cooking dish, the main ingredient transport.. be it a motorcycle,car,bus,train or even an aeroplane, it will get you safely home but at times you just have to spend money on taxi to get home... hahaha...

oh ya.. tmr im going out wif my parents just me and my parents, i dont know if we're going kl or malacca but i do noe im going to have fun coz it been a while since im out of singapore.. going malaysia is enuf for me, i get to go shopping and leave all my problems in my homeland.. hehehe.. i cant wait for next outing wif besties, karaoke-ing maybe or even swimming.. i know im going to be the planner so just watch out for my sms babes and dudes.. so long now..


--Merci tout le monde--
4:44:00 PM


Nura is my name Dora is my nickname
I was born on 15 July
Studying at Temasek Polytechnic ,3rd year..
I eat candy & chocolate mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Im a happy-go-lucky but crazy kinda girl..

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i love my family, friends and especially YOU!

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